Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wow, that's all I can say!

Like WOW, there are a lot of weavers out there reading this old can't imagine how good that makes me feel.
HH or no HH.
I was so surprised at how many of you were interested in my double binding rug.  Then  I realized how much thought it was going to take to extract all those email addresses to one place, something I could normally figure out how to do,  so I decided to give the instructions to you in a different way.

See the "Project" tab at the top of the page.........go there......I wrote it all up for you.  Print it, whatever, and if it doesn't make sense, let me know.  And get weaving!!!!

I couldn't really get into much that was complicated.......HH made that clear.  So I tied fringe...had 12 chunky rugs that needed fringe tied.
Sydney supervised.
From her duct taped box.

L was weaving blue jean rugs.  We had a couple of customers, and a tour.......
Sent out some stuff.
Next is there on the left....he is in charge of supervising OUTSIDE business.

And my big excitement for the day, because at heart I am a geek of sorts, is the template for the new production wheel for the retrofitted Reed Ideal loom!!!
C, who I luckily met through L, is a whiz/wizard, who totally 'gets' what I want to do, and while I can dream it up, she can DO IT.
This is going to be GRAND.
Wait til you see the end product.
Heart be still.

And that's it from Crazy as a Loom.  I have a presentation to give tonight, about the doings at the studio, and being a success in your retirement.......tongue in cheek here.............I already told HH to keep his rotten little mouth SHUT.


Anonymous said...

Ya...when it comes to HH I say, "Off With His Head". Er, not your head... his head!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

All that weaving stuff goes right over my head....but I just stinkin' LOVE Sydney and that box!!

Mrs. M - The Book Lady said...

Thank you so much for the weaving tab- I know with your HH it's not something you have to do. And I, for one, think we can all learn a lot about how to live our lives from you- would love to hear your speech!

Kathy said...

Always love to read about your adventures. It gives me true hope that my retirement will be the best job of my life...aside from my husband and kids! I've not liked my 'day job' for quite a few years...but need it so I CAN retire 'ok'. Maybe move to New England....
Still hoping and praying your HH totally goes away....
And wishing you well with your lecture this evening!

Country Girl said...

Good luck to you tonight ~

LA said...

Thank you, thank you for the project outline! That is such a cool project to try. And, thank you for your blog....I tune in each time!!!

Deb said...

I hope that tape never lets go..she'll go for the ride of her life. Your post sounds very light and happy...I'm happy for ya. Deb

Sharon said...

Great idea to put the instructions where I know to look for them! One question. When you say you cut the strips narrower than usual, what does that actually mean? I don't have usual as a starting point.

Daryl said...

WOOT!!!! Hope it goes well ..wait, I know it will go well !!!!

Bev said...

I must say, I'm totally in love with Sydney. Is there a story behind the duct-taped box? Or is it simply that he is just attached to that particular sized box and your touch of whimsy just let loose with the obvious solution?!

Peg Cherre said...

Thanks for the project page with directions!

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts