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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thinking happy thoughts.

As you know, I have been somewhat under the weather for the last 6 months.  I try to stay productive, and some days I do, and other days, it's a bust.
Meanwhile, L plugs away at the studio.  Thank you God.
But there's more.
She is truly becoming a fiber enthusiast, as well as a weaver, in her own right.
And that my friends, is priceless.
Here are a couple of things she surprised me with the other day.

First, her seascape.
(not the greatest photo I've ever taken)

And next, my fave, which I call......Black and White, OR " it IS what is IS".

It is very exciting to me, that her interest in weaving has inspired her to EXPLORE.  That is the sign of a true love for weaving.

On the other hand, there are those who are truly lounging, without one thought about all the work to be done.

Miss Puss is probably the bitchiest cat you will ever meet.
But somehow, she has endeared herself to us, L and I.
We love her, attitude and all.

Today, I felt like this.  I wanted to cover my eyes, and forget everything.

I wanted to forget that my poor DH is anguishing in Florida, with his only brother on a ventilator.

I definitely want to block out this doctor who is putting needles in my back and neck, asking questions/questions/questions, while my head feels like it is about to explode.
"How much does your back hurt HERE?  And HERE.  And HERE?"


I want to think only of good things.  Stuff that will crowd out everything unpleasant.

Loons on a wilderness pond.
That new warp I wound this morning, turquoise, greens and clay...... for more towels on my little Leclerc loom set up  in my living room.
The "needs to be rescued" loom I found on  Craig's list, for $75, that I plan on refurbishing (if it works out) with a production wheel!!!
I want my brain to be overloaded.  But with good stuff.
Vacation. Maine.  Chowda.  Baseball.  Red Sox.  Hiking.  Adirondacks.  Good books.  Guitar solos.
Sweet grandkids.  My next scrabble move.  Colors.  Textures.
Propelling my kayak through serene waters.

A steaming cuppa tea.  A morning walk between the river and the canal.
Next coming out to greet me when I pull into the studio, rolling over on his back so I can scratch his belly.
Having Tammy come over to vacuum for me, so my head doesn't fall off from bending over that long.
And less I forget.....L vacuuming the studio.

I know that I can't keep the 'real world' at bay forever.
I can try though.

I am praying for my headache to recede, so I can weave for the next two days uninterrupted, and hopefully, inspired.

What good thoughts work for you?


Gayle said...

Prayers for your headache situation and dh's family. I read a quote recently that said a "happy person is the one who can enjoy the detour". THAT works for me, I am one of those. May all your detours be treasured.

claudia said...

Prayers for your DH and his brother.
Why is the doctor worried about your back? Silly guy!
Love those weaves you've shown. The colors ar so appy I am ashamed to say that I don't know how to throw on a warp and just weave yet. I have to think and think and then second uess everything. Any thoughts on how to get myself past that?
I'm praying for Headache B Gone!

Sue said...

I am amazed at how much you do get done. Some days all I manage is feeding the sheep, and even that is a challenge at times.

As far as Miss Puss being the bitchiest cat, I think that is something inherent in all calicos. We call our Calliope "She Who Hates All Things" (though she is mellowing a little now that she's 15. Even deigns to visit the lambs at times)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Today I drove over to the Coast and took about 200 photos while walking in the sunshine. I chatted with the man who watches the Peregrine Falcon nests, every single day. And I learned that the babies are due to hatch within the next day or two, as well as the fact that the eleven-year-old female has successfully hatched 21 babies in her life. My dogs went to the groomer yesterday and they smell so good. I ate a a tri-tip salad with blue cheese.
Those are the things that were so very good about my day.
I am so sorry about your BIL and the distress that is causing. And I am wishing wishing for your headache relief to come very soon.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about DH's brother being so I'll and I am so sorry to hear this. Now why does the guy with the needle keep asking about your back???

Karen said...

Sorry to hear of your husband's brothers decline in health, a difficult and sad time for all of you. And that da*n headache!!! They can indeed be caused by problems in the upper back and neck... so I'm hoping the Dr. weilding the needle is on to something and you'll get relief once and for all. Been there, done that... and I am certain you will find a way through this and AWAY from it.

Daryl said...

sending you, DH and his brother prayers for better days

Sharon said...

I didn't realize this has stretched on for six months - groan. Something has to change for you. It's time. As for thoughts, I go the other say, for mindless lap swims. I wish I could go every day.

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Because every thread counts