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Thursday, October 20, 2011

You don't like the weather????

Well, not to worry, in a few minutes it will change.

That was the order of the day.  Sun, warm temps, dark clouds, a downpour, a chilly wind, more sun.

The only thing sad about October is that it doesn't last long enough.

I have had a sinus headache for 3 days, so I wanted to do something that made me feel better.  So I didn't do what  I probably should have done, I did what I felt like doing.

The little Gallinger loom was needing a warp, and the upstairs hallway seemed like a lovely place to be.

I wound the warp, threaded it, and started weaving.

I was pretty pleased with the results.
Do you like it?

In case you have been wondering about Also/Lucy, here she is.

She is a sweetheart.  Unfortunately, my four beasts do not like her.   I should be more specific, it's 3 of them.  Sydney likes everybody.
But she has really gotten attached to my friend, Bonnie.  It's amazing, really.
I can go into the room, pet her, and she seems happy in a quiet way.
Bonnie comes in, she rolls on her back, she suddenly becomes Miss Love Bunny.
Today, Bonnie brought her a treat, some toy mice, and some catnip.
And she informed me that she had changed her name.
SO, I think these two have bonded.

Say hello to Smokey.

I love happy endings, don't you??


Deb said...

I like so much here. Love the upstairs landing. Gorgeous. What you wove was so pretty. Smokey is a gorgeous cat and I love when a cat falls for someone. It is for life. I suppose she will remain at the shop, will she? That would be nice, I'm sure. We had the same weather here today and Kane and I got soaked to the skin. It looked so nice for awhile and then wham! Hugs, Deb

Anonymous said...

Your photos look lke our weather yesterday. No rain today but lots of wind. Izzy is on my lap as I type this so hope no errors.

claudia w said...

I love your beautiful weather colors there! Our weather has been a bit shakey today. We had a couple of earthquakes. Little reminders...we are not in control. And ...get prepared dang it!
Smokey is a good name for that kitty. Can your friend Bonnie take her home with her?

Sharon said...

I'm happy to see a boat shuttle. I felt enormous pressure for a while from other weavers to adopt the end-feed shuttle system. It pleases me to see yours.

I have a theory. You have the prettiest weather because the settlers discovered you first.

India said...

I like your weather - pictures. That sky was fantastic and the autumn colors are something special. And your cat look just like mine who sleeps away the day. I hope your headace has gone away. To do something fun is often a very good medicine.

Country Girl said...

Yes, I love them too. Your weather is like ours and your captures of it are impressive. I love the warmth of your wide plank wood floors and the coziness of your studio. It's a good place and I hope some day to see it in real life. xo

Anonymous said...

Smoky is a beauty, when is she going to live at Bonnie's house?

Karen said...

Is Smokey going home with Bonnie??? :-) !!!...

and we've had the same weather, although I love it, and I've had the same darn sinus headache.

MarthaVA said...

Gah, I miss NY..........beautiful photos, beautiful contrats in the weather, and love the weaving too!
Smokey - Sweet. :-)

Joy said...

Lovely sky photos..!! Coming to NY next week, hope the colors hold!

Sharon said...

Oh boy, do I like those warp colors. I especially like the way you get color pops with the variegated weft. What's it going to be when it grows up?

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Because every thread counts