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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday soup.

You know I don't take a lot of days off, and it only happens when I PLAN it.
So I did.
It's been a busy day, but a good one.

First off, my granddaughter and I took Roy for a 4 miler.    She didn't complain one bit.
In fact, she explained that she usually always felt better after she exercised.
Out of the mouths of babes.

She told me that sometimes, when she is not having a good day, she runs around the block once, and she immediately feels better.
Sometimes I think she is smarter than most adults.
After we got back from our walk, we made whole wheat, banana, chocolate chip muffins.  We found a recipe online, and then fooled around with it a bit.
Teaching her bad habits probably, although I have a feeling she would have come up with this herself.

While my daughter was making lunch, I made some leek potato soup.  It is the easiest comfort food I know.
I have posted about it before, but if you want the recipe, it is HERE
Check it out for exact measurements.  But it is a breeze to make.
I just threw the leeks sliced thin and a big onion chopped into the pot, sauteed them in some EVO, added chicken stock to cover (even though I don't eat meat, I am not adverse to chicken stock) add sliced potatoes with the peels, cook them til they are tender, mash them right in the pot, add some heavy cream, salt and pepper.
YUM.   Great soup.

By the time we finished lunch, the muffins were done.  We ate them hot with the chocolate melting in our mouths.  

I am going to start a sweater for her tonight, and watch the Good Wife, and start a new book.
While I know there is plenty of work waiting for me at the studio tomorrow, I am staying right here in this day.
And it's just fine.


Deb said...

You do that. These are the days that really matter. That Roy has stolen my heart and it usually takes kitty whiskers and a purr to do that. I love this guy. Your grand-daughter sounds like she is a wise one. So sweet. Drop by Hilary and throw your name in for a give-away. Hugs and have a great time in front of the boob-tube. Deb

Karen said...

love those pics :-)

And while you're knitting the sweater and watching the Good Wife and reading a new book, please try not to think about the work that awaits you in the studio. Because I see that you do anyway - lol...

Tiggeriffic said...

Some days we just need to put everything on the back burner and enjoy ourselves. Your grandaughter is so precious. What a beautiful girl~!
Roy is in hog heaven laying with her on the couch.. have a tiggeriffic day~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

claudia w said...

I got such a comfy cozy feeling from this post. Everything sounds so delicious and then seeing your beautiful grand daughter all cozied up with Roy.
What a great feeling!

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful day. You couldn't have planned for a better day. A beautiful little granddaughter. Roy is not bad either. What a joy.

Daryl said...

Not sure how or why your link vanished from my regular reads .. then it popped back up this morning, I know .. weird .. I am not sure who is cuter your grand or the pup!

MarthaVA said...

Ok, you KNOW I love Roy. And I love your granddaughter - I have one that is 10 months old and I cannot WAIT till she's old enough to come spend time with me.
Oh, and I've been looking for a good leak and potato soup - had it once and it was SO good. So thanks for the recipe.
And yeah, staying IN the moment, and enjoying what IS, is SOOOO important. Why think about the work waiting for you when it'll be there tomorrow waiting for you? :-)

Anonymous said...

Roy Boy and his girl, now that is a great Sunday afternoon

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Because every thread counts