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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Best laid plans.

I was just looking at my blog, thinking that it needs a face lift.
Which it isn't going to get.
I am exhausted.
Trying to get so much done in a day leaves me wasted.  Took my car in for an oil change early this morning, worked all day, stopped at the woodworker's, and dropped off Hip to Be Squares at the hospital gift shop.  I finally got home from the studio,  with 112 potholder looms in my car.  Took Roy for a 4 mile walk,  ate dinner, took my mother grocery shopping, went back to the studio to unload the looms, and with a plan to climb a ladder to spray bees in the peak of the house.
Which didn't happen.
I couldn't reach the bees, unless I climbed on the roof, and in spite of the fact, that I am usually up to a challenge, I decided against it.
I had a flash of my titanium knee all broken up, and that stopped me cold.
Live on, bees.

I am trying to figure something out.
I have some REALLY big rolls of fabric, that weigh 50-60 lbs each.   Cutting them into strips is troublesome to say the least.
My carpenter heard my tale of woe, and said he would try to make something....which he did.
Unfortunately, after he left, and I was cutting, the whole roll crashed.

The rod in the center flew back and hit me in  the jaw.

I know there is a way, but this needs work.

The new rug is a hit with everybody who sees it.
It is THICK, and it just plain ROCKS.

We need to make a STACK (like in 40-50) in the next several weeks.
There really isn't enough time in the day.
L will be working on the Walking on Sunshine, and the new Chunky WOS.
I will be plowing my way through this.

The sorting of the upholstery selvedge takes more time than the weaving does.

We are dividing up the stock we need for the show I decided to do in November.
Oh, I know.  I said I was not doing any shows.
So sue me.
I changed my mind.  Isn't that a woman's prerogative???
I swear, this is the last show.

As tired as I am tonight, I look at this picture, and I want to go back to the studio and work on this rug.
I know, I'm crayz.......yes, and crazy, too.
Goodnight all.


Cait Throop said...

OMG whatever you take for energy, I want some!!! Those selvedge rugs are beautiful and the sock rugs...sigh. But your jaw?!! OUCH! Fell better, Hilary!

re'New said...

Be happy you are busy doing something you love. I'm busy working overtime at a j. o. b. that I'm really not liking at this point because of all the political crapola. No time or energy to weave anymore. Wish there was a way to pay the bills doing the things I love.

linda said...

Your carpenter might be able to make you a base that stands on the ground with that rod suspended in the center, like a giant version of a paper roll thing....hang on and I'll find a link.... Paper Dispenser........yeah, like a giant paper roll dispenser, without the cutting bale in front?
Sympathy for your jaw, and envy for your job, and your ENERGY!

claudia w said...

You make me tired just thinking about all you do in a day. But then, like re'New, I'm working at a job that I don't love. I get tired just thinking about going to it some days.
Not long now, til I can start saving up while my daughter pays the bills.
And thinking of you getting up on that roof! No thank you Ma'am! I don't do heights!

Karen said...

Good night, Hilary.. you nut.

LynneK said...

Linda posted the link to the U-line product that I thought about when I saw the roll of fabric picture and read about the jaw incident. Yikes that had to hurt. Hope your carpenter (or a welder) can build you something that is a bit more durable (and mobile perhaps) for the your fabric cutting tasks.
Glad you opted not to get on the roof - typically nothing good comes from those trips. Some things are better left to the professionals.

Anonymous said...

Hope your jaw is feeling better, bet you are glad no teeth where harmed in the process. The thicker sock rugs are so nice and plump looking, wish I could wiggle my toes in one.

That giant roll of fabric got me to wondering where in world you acquired such an item, the thing is huge!

Pet Mr. Roy Boy for me and for goodness sake go for a walk ;-)

claudia w said...

Hilary! I received my "Rainbow Bottoms" seat cushion today! I am so excited! It's just beautiful and fun and cheery, I love it!
Thank you so much! It came so quickly too!

Lili said...

So glad you didn't go for the bees, but ouch, hearing about your jaw made me wince. It's so cool that you get in your walk, I really think that has alot to do with your great energy! ~Lili

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Because every thread counts