Sunday, October 23, 2011

Glory be.

These pictures have nothing to do with this post.  They are what I was working on yesterday when I finished at the studio for the day.
I had no opportunity to use my camera today.  None, nada, zip.

First the Salvation Army service.......TWO HOURS LONG.
I am not kidding.  I am waiting for my angel wings to arrive.  They should be along shortly.

Then on to lunch.  I had mozzarella, tomato empanadas, with a red pepper aioli sauce.  It was an appetizer, but it was just enough.  And it was delish.
I wanted a BEER, but I practiced some restraint, which I might add is highly overrated.
My mother talked loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear her.  But since she was relaying a story about her childhood in the Salvation Army, a story I have heard several times, I figured that the other diners could hear it at least this once.  Sharing the joy.
Sounded fair to me.

Then to the JC Penney beauty salon, where my mother got her hair done.  I am entirely shocked that the lady doing her hair has any ears left at all, since my mother talked for the  ENTIRE time she was in the chair. Loud.  There weren't many other people in the salon, so I let her rip without reminding her that everyone is not deaf, like she is.
 I got a quick hair blow dry styling for me, thanks.

Then on to the grocery store, where my mother zipped around on her motorized cart, nearly knocking people down.  At the check out, I asked her why she didn't have any lunch stuff in her cart...............along with the candy, cookies, ice cream,  tapioca, and marshmallows.
She gave me a look  that would kill.  I dropped it.
I know when I am beat.

 I came home and made dinner, and took Roy for our walk......the first peaceful moment of the day.
Then I said Hallelujah.  For real.
And amen.


Karen said...

And there lies your religion, Hilary - the dog and the walk. I'm a member of the same congregation. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I like that religion too, Karen! Never did like sitting on a stiff old wooden pew.

claudia w said...

There's your wings too. They are on Roy. I think he is your guardian angel. (as you are his)
You are a good daughter!

Anonymous said...

"Then I said Hallelujah. For real. And amen."

That should be on a T-shirt.


-Hey, C?

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I'd have gone for the beer with the lunch! Life's just too short to deny yourself that beer you deserve!

linda said...

.........moments that make your eyes otherwise sedate and ladylike mom would belch in the restaurant. Loudly. Ack.

You're a good daughter, Hilary.

Daryl said...

mothers are a blessing and a curse .. and you are a good daughter

Cait Throop said...

Mothers certainly are a mixed blessing! And that Salvation Army stuff would put me around the bend! I take my religion riding my horse and in the garden or walking in the woods! And I would have had the beer but I'm bad that way!! Your Mom reminds me of mine in lots of ways--especially the LOUD stories again and again!! Had to laugh at that one. The worst was when I took my Mom to church and she proceeded to tell me some very personal business about this woman coming in the door in a very loud voice...oh boy. A beer can sure come in handy!

Anonymous said...

All our mothers are different but from what you write about yours she sure is a "hoot". Did the applie fall far from the tree?
Barb Fessler, person who can only comment when logged in as Annonymous.

SpinMeAYarn said...

love the sentiments Hilary, and the photos and the cats and your mother and the little loom upstairs and the cone tree in red and green, love it all,
even when all i have is only 5 minutes free, i pop by your blog and leave enriched!.....!
hope that headache is gone,

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Because every thread counts