Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cushy Tush and a Giveaway.

I always say that you never know where inspiration will come from, but it's always good.

While hosting a weaving bootcamp, one of my students, Diane, said "why can't I make a chair seat out of the socks, and make it FAT?"
And I said, "What?"
Then I stopped for a moment, and said, "yeah, let's try that."

I think they are a smashing success, and want to make a truck load more.  Diane came up with the name for her invention, the "Cushy Tush", which of course, we all loved.  Unfortunately, when I googled it, seems that it is a phrase already in use, so..................
Surprise! Surprise! it needs a name.

The jury is still out......fringe or no fringe.
So once again I turn to you, dear friends, to solve my naming issues, and answer weighty questions such as this.
And besides, I have 300 followers, and that means it is time for a giveaway.......
So all you have to do is offer up a name, and a vote about fringe.
Then I will let the 'random integer' pick one of you to get your very own CHAIR PAD, with hopefully, a name of its own.
I just love it.  I hope you do, too.

Thanks, Diane.

And oh yeah.....I will pick on Sunday night, and announce the winner sometime before The Good Wife comes on.


Nan said...

With the cushy tush on my mind, I can't get past it. How about Darling Dierre? however you spell it....

Marsel said...

What a great idea! The name "Sitting on Sunshine" would play nicely with your "Walking on Sunshine" rugs.

I like the fringe. I like how the smaller scale of the fringe contrasts with the thickness of the cushion itself.

Gayle said...

Cushier Tush, Cusher Tush, Cush Tush. Offer it with or without fringe. I like them both ways.

joyceetta said...

Rainbow Sit
No fringe

Sweetpea said...

How 'bout this variation...'The Cushed Tush'...I googled it, found nada.
Also, what about something like 'Socks Downunder'?

And a thumb's up for that lovely fringe!

I've got six dining room chairs that NEED these!! Luv these to bits ♥

Anonymous said...

I vote for fringe, easier to make. And the name Tushy Cush! The cushions are really wonderful.

re'New said...

Sweet Bottoms. I like fringe, but why not make both options available?

moosecraft said...

Once again... I've hit "Sock Bottom"... lol! I would offer both with and without fringe... since it's a personal preference?

pwofford said...

Socking chair pads -- and I like the fringe

Laura said...

My 10 yr old offers Sock Seat" and the only thing my lame brain can think of is "Butt Socks". I can go either way on fringe, 10 yr old says yes, fringe it.

Anonymous said...

How about Tubby Tushy Pads? Prefer the non- fringe version, less wear and tear.

Cami said...

I say no fringe. The fanny pad is all I can come up with this morning...

Anonymous said...

Sitting on Sunshine :) I like fringe. Andie (

Hilary said...

I think they're a great idea.

Bottom Huggers
Bum Huggers
Fanny Huggers

I like without the fringe.

WeaveThings said...

The BUM BUMPER! And I like the idea of offering with and without the fringe ;)


Two Guys and a Loom said...

Fanny Mat.... kinda like a mug mat, but for your bottom!

I prefer no fringe, but think options are good.

Peg Cherre said...

I, too, can go either way on the fringe.

Is the name just for chair pads, or also for rugs? Do I have to be an official follower to win? I read you almost daily, but due to my slow-ish connection, don't subscribe to anyone's blog.

Anyway, here are my naming suggestions...You can put 'chair pads' or 'rugs' after any of them.
Comfy Soles/Souls
Stuffed Soles/Souls
Chock Full of Soles/Souls
Chunky Soles/Souls
Sinking Into Soles
Never Ending Soles
Soles to Die For
Sweetest Soles

Ok. I'll be done now.

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

I like the fringe.... AND I love the whole pad!

How about "Landing Pads"

linda said...

Fat Bottom Chair Pads....the second I read the weaver's comment about making fat chair pads I got an earwig of Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls". Call it inspiration, call it exhaustion.

I like no fringe.

These are GREAT, no matter what you call them!

Sharon said...

I think fringe could produce embarrassing moments, plus it's messy.

claudia w said...

Rainbow Bottoms
I like the fringe!

LynneK said...

I vote for no fringe - Tush Cushion is the only name I have to offer.

MarthaVA said...

Bun Warmers! Love the fringe. I could use one of these on my weaving bench!!!!

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Because every thread counts