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Monday, October 31, 2011

our happy dance.

Today was a red letter day.  After a year and a half of marketing attempts that didn't seem to be going anywhere, I got a big order from a big retailer that you might have heard of................................the

Vermont Country Store

I was ecstatic.  L was quickly counting how many Hip to Be Square we had made up, and how many she would have to get busy on.

Ay yi yi.

Sydney is doing quality control.


Well, maybe not so much.

I got a warp for mug mats on the Wolf Pup, and finished a couple of caterpillar rugs.
Then after a quick lunch, we got another big order.
Holy moly.
L said, " You asked for it."

Did I???

Oh, probably.  Probably I did.

Oh, and the dance????   That's what L calls spending time outside sorting loopers,  and making bags up with assorted colors.
But today was dance worthy.  
Loopers or not.


MarthaVA said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Universe always comes thru....sometimes the timing isn't great, but hey, no complaints, right???? :-D

Happy for you!

linda said...

Congratulations!! Totally doing the happy dance for you :) Good for you!

Sydney looks a bit fatigued. I hope the brush with fame doesn't tucker her out.

Anonymous said...

I was in an antique shop today and they had an original looper set.... you know, to make the pot holders. I think I had one as a kid... anyway, it brought back memories. :-)

Congrats on the Vermont Store... Love them!

Karen said...

Wooo hoooo!!! Contrats!! I love the Vermont Country Store!! Even visited a few years back!...

claudia w said...

The Vermont store is lucky to your product in their store! YAY! for you and L!!!

Deb said...

"Congrats, Hilary. It's all very exciting. You aren't working Sydney too hard now, are ya?"

Christine said...

I think Sidney is just resting up.

Country Girl said...

I love the Vermont Country Store. Excellent for you - I am so glad! Your product is perfect for their catalog. And just in time for You Know What!

Hilary said...

Yay.. I'm so happy for you. That is so cool!

moosecraft said...

Big happy dance congrats to you! The Vermont Country Store is a great place to be! They are known for their high quality standards. Sydney is excited too (on the inside)! lol!

LynneK said...

Congrats on the Vermont Country Store. I saw your kits at The Woolery's display at a fiber fair this summer and they are so vibrant. Hope this new avenue is a great success.

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Sydney is resting up from doing the cat version of the happy dance! Vermont Country Store is awesome, you are mainstream!

hugs and dances to all of you

Daryl said...


Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts