Crazy as a Loom

Friday, October 21, 2011

Just a note.

Sometimes I wonder about this blogging thing.  
Do you??
I ask myself sometimes, why?
Especially on a day like today, when my headache, that was gone earlier today after 3 straight days, is now back with a vengeance.
Today wasn't exactly inspiring, L and I cleaned loopers all day, just so we can get ahead on the Hip to Be Square kits.  Very BORRRING.
To say the least.
But honestly, I can't hire anyone that does it faster, or does a better job than we do.  So there you have it.

I managed to get dinner, and take Roy for a walk, and now dear friends, I am going to bed.
I am going to dream of Maine.
Where there is no headache, no worries, only lovely sunshine sparkling on the water.
Where there is no TV, and the quiet is priceless.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Feel better soon !
I would pick Maine for my dreams too ;)

Connie in Hartwood said...

Good night, sleep tight. Tomorrow will be better.

claudia w said...

Sweet Dreams!

Sandra Tyler said...

Miss Maine. Always summered on Mohegan Island as a kid; wonder if they have electricity now...

rubyslipperz1052 said...

sometimes blogging is about sharing our downs as well as our ups...our boring well as our ah-ha moments. thanks for sharing!


Valerie said...

Weather headache? I get them all the time. Hope you wake up totally refreshed!

Wish I could program my dreams instead of dreaming weird stuff like: my cat went out and got herself a dog. (I like dogs, I just don't want to take care of one.)

Frank's Corner said...

Hilary, Sorry to hear you are feeling low. I hope you revive soon so you can enjoy your beautiful October walks with Roy. I truly appreciate you and all that you share about your life. You speak my heart so often! All of the joy and grief, we get to have it all don't we? Bless you....Candace

Karen said...

I get the weather headaches too.. whenever there is a change in pressure. And.. they cause stomach upset because of the headache, which triggers the Reflux. I bet you know the same circlejerk.

Today is another day :-) And I'm glad you still blog.. it's how we all stay connected and share things. How else would I get to see how a weaver in upstate NY weaves her magic, and those wonderful uplifting stories of cat rescue... and the REAL trials and tribulations of assisting aging parents. And Reflux remedies that work! It lets us know we're not all alone, and helps with solution finding. That's what I like about blogging.

Anonymous said...

Some times I wonder the same thing myself. Maybe that's why I don't do to much of it any more. Your picture of Maine reminds of the cabin we had in Minnesota. Oh, how I loved that place!!! Maine is the one state we plan on going back to this coming summer.
Barb Fessler

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Imagine if our ancestors had been able to blog, how much more we would know about them instead of just faces on a black and white photo. I would love to read a diary or journal or blog of some women who came before me.

Country Girl said...

I dream of Maine too. Don't like those headaches you're having.

Hilary said...

If the headaches are new.. check them out. If you can attribute them to something, I hope you can find a way to alleviate them soon.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts