Crazy as a Loom

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is up.

I was trying to figure out what was bothering me tonight.
Then it came to me.
I am tired out with all the misery in the world.

The newspapers, the internet, the radio, the 6 o'clock news.

Sorry if my photos don't match my blather.  This is what sustains me.
This place, these looms, all the color, it keeps me from taking the bridge.

It makes me wonder if the world was always such an awful place.   I fear that it was.   We just didn't have the means to find out about it all.

I can't take harsh words, bad moods, shows of temper.  I have no tolerance for pettiness, selfishness, nonsense.

Give me a sunny window, and my loom.

The beater hitting the fell line, packing in the fabric.  Weaving the afternoon away.  Zoning out.

So simple.

It just doesn't get any better for me.

I know that no matter what else happens in my life, I am blessed to have this amazing place to work in, and the opportunity to weave my passion.

But sometimes, life is hard, right Syd??
I see you, Syd.

Don't touch my tea, girl.  That WOULD be bad news.


Acorn to Oak said...

Your weaving studio looks like a very peaceful and happy place to spend time. I love the sunshine streaming through the windows, the wood floors...and kitties always make a place even more wonderful! Happy weaving!

Teri said...

My cats would sometimes drink out of my cup.

I don't watch a lot of TV and won't be taking on in my RV with me.

Anonymous said...

I have to keep a cover on my iced tea or I'll find my cat's head stuffed in the glass. I drink it unsweetened, so the vet says it won't hurt her, but I'm not so keen on cat spit in my drink.

Anonymous said...

I love that rug! Those are my colors!!! Thanks for the great pictures of your looms. I have 2 but would have 20 if I had the money and more room! If we ever stop milking cows, maybe I will fill the barn with looms!!!

Susan said...

I definately relate - too much bad in the world sometimes. I don't get the paper, don't watch the news. I figure if anything worth knowing happens my mom will call and let me know. When it's really ugly I go sit in the barn with the sheep. Hard to dwell on the what's wrong in the world with a ewe melting to the floor cuz she's so happy you're scratching her checks!

Deb said...

Proof that cats drink tea. Sometimes my cup is empty and I don't remember drinking it all. Who knows WHAT would have happened if you weren't there.

linda said...

There is much joy in this world. Too bad it isn't as prominent on the news and the net...your studio is a haven. Thanks for sharing it ~ we all need a little joy.Got to find it where we can, right?

Cait Throop said...

While I was healing my husband stopped the newspaper so I wouldn't get stressed and it was more peaceful that way...and I think that our weaving is making this world a better place! :D I do find that I have no tolerance anymore for glammerizing violence on TV whether it is a show or the news (HGTV keeps me going)!! Your studio is a peaceful haven, Hilary. xo

Country Girl said...

I haven't been watching the news. Maybe that's why I'm in such a good mood lately.

Miss you. xo

Daryl said...

I dont read the newspapers .. I watch the news but for upteen years I always watched All My Children (recorded and played back) right after the national news .. it was the antidote to the insanity .. a little silly escapism .. that's gone now so I watch the news and then play with the cats .. anything calm, fun to 'wash away' the stress of the day and all the bad news ...

Anonymous said...

Syd was only going to have a little taste! Agree with the zoning out and weaving. The world is what it is and how we relate to it and all the information overload is up to us. I say, turn off the tv and pick up a good book!

Does Roy Boy like tea I wonder? ;-)

MarthaVA said...

Isn't it really too bad, that the news channels and radio, and internet for that matter, can't find GOOD, happy, cheerful things to report about? Maybe there wouldn't be so much bad stuff going on, if everyone just focused on the positive....
Must be something in the air cuz I was feeling in a funk today myself.
You're lucky to have the studio.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts