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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking a lesson.

The other day I happened to read the post of a blogger I often visit, it referenced "Empty Nesters".
My immediate response was, "What planet is that on?"
No offense, I know that some people do experience an 'empty nest'.
I am just not one of them.
I have three daughters, and as soon as the last one moved out, it was time to take care of my parents, and I am still doing that.
I am doing it, I might add, with a lot of help from DH, who helps me out on a daily basis.  He is very good to my mother, and always has been.
I am very lucky to have such a life partner.

I will admit, I get a little stressed.  Sometimes the idea of an 'empty nest' sure sounds good.

But isn't that the way???  We long for what we don't have, what is right beyond that window??

And the trick is to be happy with what we have.

And even though life is stressful right now, I have a lot.  A lot to be thankful for.

One particular thing to be thankful for is a close friend who has volunteered to come stay for 2 nights, so my DH and I can get out of Dodge for a bit.
We don't even care where.  We don't even care what the weather is.  We just want to go away for a couple of days.
Sounds like heaven.
I can't wait.

Maybe I will take a couple of pointers from Miss Puss.  Cause if anyone knows how to kick back, it's Miss Puss.  She's my IDOL.
Except for the bitchiness.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Miss Puss is delightful, I could overlook her bad moods :)
You deserve a day or two of doing nothing with your DH, I hope it coems your way soon !

TexWisGirl said...

cute! glad you'll be able to get a break from the daily stuff...

Teri said...

I agree, we have to be grateful for what we do have. It is stressful helping our parents, and planning time for yourself is probably the best way to deal with it.

Hilary said...

I feel the empty nest thing and I still have one at home. I worked from home, and always felt that parenting was what I did best. My own parents were both gone long before my kids were grown. I think I'm just very ready (though I know my kids are not) to be a grandparent now. That would feather my nest nicely. ;)

Love that third image.. so colourful and happy. And Miss Puss.. she's a beauty.

Jabberwarpy said...

Love that spring colors rug. Cheerful. Looking forward to seeing where you go.

sharon said...

My third will graduate next year from high school, I don't see her leaving soon. Soon afterward her brother will be coming home from telling what that will bring us. No I don't see the nest that empty either.
I wish I could have a cat or two to enjoy time with, but I will take my grandchildren instead.

Sharon said...

This is an opportunity long overdue - bless your friend. What a special person. I hope the weather is perfect for your little retreat.

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Because every thread counts