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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Success. I hope.

Another long day.

I finally gave up the struggle to deal with my foot pain.  After exercises, orthotics, shoe changes, I went today and got a cortisone injection in my heel.
I would say that it was horrible pain, but in comparison to the 7 months of varying degrees of heel pain I have had, not so much.
Right now, it just aches a bit where the needle did its duty, but walking does not make me want to cry.
I will wake up tomorrow morning hoping for the BEST results to continue.
If I still have pain in three weeks, I will be back at the foot doctor's office for Round 2 of do something anything make this pain go away.

While I was traipsing across the country side searching for relief, L took the squirrel trap across the road, and by the time I got back, kitten number FOUR was in residence.
They are so freaking cute.
They hiss, and act all furious when you pick them up, and within a couple of minutes, they are cuddled up on your chest.

The gray one is saying, "Maybe if I close my eyes, you will go away."

They are 6 weeks, and 4 days old.  To be exact.

Tomorrow they are going to the vet's at 5pm, to get wormed, and checked for fleas.  They can't be treated for fleas unless they each weigh 2 lbs.

Then they are going to Tammy's........remember Tammy???  My first apprentice that abandoned me for a full time job.  Go figure.
She had more fun at the studio.
Anyway, Tammy is taking the kittens, straight from the vet's, and she is going to socialize them, and find them homes.   Dear girl.
She already has homes for the two with white faces.

And I (L too, don't let her kid you) have breathed a huge sigh of relief.  No more worrying myself to sleep about the fate of these babes.

Now on to catching their mother, who has not been near us.  She is mad, for sure.

If anyone wonders why I don't give money anymore to the SPCA, it's because I got my own little SPCA action going on right in Kingsbury, NY.

And if we can't catch Bubbalee in the VERY NEAR future, she is going to be taking Feralstat,  which I will feed her once a week, to prevent her from getting promiscuous again.
Sorry Bubbalee.
But you are just too beautiful.


mudmaven said...

OMG - they are so cute!!!! If my two were more social those pictures would make me go get another one. Unfortunately, mine are only social with me. They hate husbands, sons, ddl and grandchildren of any kind. Nasty little boogers. Good luck with the cortisone shot. I've heard mixed things. Having deal with heel spurs I know what you are going through. I was lucky with the orthotics and managed to get rid of mine that way. Got my fingers and toes crossed that this gives you much needed relief. ~chris

A Brit in Tennessee said...

They are just gorgeous, and such porkie little kittens, moma has fed them well !
Hope your feet feel better soon, there's nothing worse than aching feet....unless it's an aching knee (such as mine).
Good luck with moma, I'm sure she's lurking.

TexWisGirl said...

Come on, Bubbalee, you know you want to live the good, easy life...

Frank's Corner said...

Could there be anything cuter, sweeter and more precious than those darling babies?! Thanks to you they have a good chance of being loved and having happy made my day!

Michelle said...

The biggest one in the photo of all 4, is my favorite. He is the one you took a picture of someone holding. He or she is very cute. Those eyes just get me and tug at my heart strings. What a handsome or pretty face!

WeaveThings said...

Oh wow! They look adorable. IF I didn't and IF two weren't... I'd take the lot! But, IF...

claudia w said...

I have had cortisone in my wrist thumb joint and elbow. (all on the left side) The wrist and elbow are good, my thumb joint just started hurting again. It's going to need surgery.
I've had cortisone in the past, and it has really helped me. I have fasith that your shots are going to work.
The kittens are ADORABLE. I am kind of glad I'm all the way over here on the other coast, I would be tempted to have one of them!
Bubbalee better give up and go with you if she knows what is good for her!

Anonymous said...

Poor Bubbalee, she just doesn't know what she is missing.

The kittens are so sweet! I did not know that after 10 weeks they are harder to socialize, I now know what is wrong with the one I picked up from a country road...she was 6 months they figured and really malnourished. 3 years later she is plenty nourished but the social thing is a bit tricky, she is extremely skittish and flies out of the room at the slightest sneeze. She is great at finding the best hiding spots for hours and hours.

I am so glad you have the heart and patience to take care of the scamps you have taken in..Thanks for the inspiration!

fiberdance said...

glad you got the cortizone shot-it should help-it did with me-it took a little time-but finally kicked in-the kittens are so darn cute-makes me miss mine that's been gone for a year now-tempts me to get another-just don't miss that litter box, though.

Marsel said...

Oh my goodness, they are SOOOO cute.

Hope you wake up feeling great this morning!

Anonymous said...

Our Amy began life as a feral kitten. We found her and her sisters just after their eyes opened (we figured they were about three weeks old at that time). I visited the farm every few days, holding Amy for a while and talking to her while she screamed and screamed. At our calculated 6-week date, I took Amy and her sister (soon to be named Sassy by my friend) to the vet to get his okay to take them home.

The purpose of this story is to say that, in a few weeks, no one will ever know that these were once feral kittens. They will socialize and be perfect little housecats. My hope is that they are adopted in pairs, because that makes their transition into their new families SOOO much easier and better for them.

Hilary, I just wanted to make sure you know how proud I am of you for your cat rescue efforts ... not just with Bubbalee and her babies, but with all of them! I'm sure you have other admirers you don't even know about.

Connie in Hartwood
(I see Google still won't let me log in to comment as myself.)

MarthaVA said...

Bless you for the cat rescues. Good job!
I had a bone spur in my right foot. Ended up in SO much pain and shots didn't help. Got surgery, and it's a LOT better, but, you then have to deal with no support in that foot. So I have to wear supports in my sneaks but you can find shoes with supports. Some people swear by Birkenstocks. You could try them. They are too much for my feet.
I also have a bone spur in my left foot and because I take care of my feet by wearing better shoes and supports, I've had a LOT less trouble with that foot (knock wood).
I hope the shot helps you. I had a great podiatrist after having a bad experience with one. Good luck on the shot and on feeling better.

Restless Knitter said...

They are SO adorable! If I were closer, and didn't already have two cats, I would gladly take one or two home with me. Bubbalee and those kittens are very lucky to have you guys.

Anonymous said...

You are a saint. In so many ways. Those kittens just don't know how lucky they are to have been born across the street from you. I find it interesting how someplaces have so many feral cats and other places none. Both our cats were feral babies; now we see none here in Maine (not urban enough and not rural enough?).

Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Blogger is being very strange and won't let me sign in with my own account.. it keeps reverting back to Frank's.. whose place I'm at.

Anyway, I wanted to say that you, L and Tammy are angels and thank you for looking out for these sweeties.

The other Hilary

Country Girl said...

Hope your foot feels better soon. Geez. And these babies? Absolutely adorable. I would have trouble saying no if I lived nearer to you.

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts