Crazy as a Loom

Monday, May 23, 2011

Let it go.

The good news is that I sleep like a baby.

Running around to make all my mother's doctor appointments, plus doing all my own errands, and working at the studio.....well, at the end of the day, my pillow is my friend.
I'm making a concerted effort to do the best I can do, no matter what.

Today I worked on the order,  three pieces, 30" wide, each 13 ft long, to be seamed together into a 7.5' wide rug.
Here is the Union Custom, one of two I have. You should meet the girls.   Yes, they are all girls.

This is the 'cadillac' of the Union Rug looms.
I bought it in Albany, about an hour away.  It had to come down a spiral staircase.

I like the braking system, easily visible from the front of the loom.

The spools of warp would be put on these nails, and then run through the thread guide.  If you used them, which I don't.

It is unusual to have all the pieces that originally came with the loom.

It did not come with a crank, however.   So I had one made.

 I finished one of the sections, and decided to do some sock cutting.
Stick with me.  I know it is incredibly stimulating.......but try to control yourself.

And to keep the colors separate, which is my new project, I set up some boxes, and stapled a different colored sock to each of them.
I have this idea to make sock rugs in specific colors, instead of multicolored.

And a few hours later, voila!

This is just one colorway.   I am still working on the others.

My neck and my back are in dire need of a massage.
Why DO I abuse myself this way???

Sydney says:
Sometimes all you need is a little s-t-r-e-t-c-h.


Hilary said...

If we could stretch .. and sleep the way cats do, we'd be very happy.

Looking forward to seeing those socks in action.

Anonymous said...

Remember to back away from the loom from time to time during the day, stretch... like Sydney, and go for a short walk. It's the healthy thing to do.

Sandra Tyler said...

Where did you get all those SOCKS? Great idea...

Country Girl said...

Why? Because you must. Because you are who you are. Amen to that.

Need A Latte Mom said...

Hi! it is just like my loom. only yours has a little more character(age)

joyceetta said...

Hey Hilary....I'm a Massage Therapist....if I lived near you instead of in the midwest I'd be there in an instant to give you some relief.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Sydney, why don't you do your person a favor and give her a nice walk on her back? Have her lie face down on the bed and just walk and knead her back and shoulders - no claws! She'll feel better,'ll come off looking like a benevolent queen! I bet you'll get filet mignon and grilled salmon the rest of the week!


Sharon said...

I have Union loom envy. It's no secret.

Valerie said...

My favorite sentence in this post: "The loom came without a crank." Which, IMO, is just as it should be.

Depending on your definition of crank.

Karen said...

Funny... my cars have always been girls. I wonder what determines that in your mind...

claudia w said...

My weaving is saving my frayed nerves right now. I got a little frenzied yesterday and retreated to "my room". All I can say is I am so glad I got that loom!

WeaveThings said...

I love a good nights sleep and a healthy stretch.

Hmm... and I have to say. I'm a cat person myself and I just LOVE reading Sydney's 'thoughts'. The one from yesterday had me in stitches. Just sayin' :)


fiberdance said...

I love the rug loom-I have one on my wish list. Say, would you ever consider selling some of the socks to someone who'd like to try to make her own rug with them? Maybe a kit??

Anonymous said...

That looks allot like my old Newcomb---I think the braking system is very similar.


Cedar Hill Chronicles said...

I am curious as to where you get all those socks to cut and use to weave?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts