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Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Other Self

Karen, over at This Old House, issued a challenge, that sounded like it might be interesting.
So here goes.

My 'other self' would live down a long country lane.

In a big white house.

With horses in the meadow.

And someone to do all the hard work that goes along with them.

My other self would wear long white dresses everyday, and never get them dirty.

My other self would have a villa in Italy, just because.

And a summer place in Maine, not far from the ocean.

My other self would not work so hard.

Would vacay more.

My other self could eat dessert all day, and never gain a pound.

My other self would still be weaving, however.

Maybe just crazier stuff.

My other self would still think that the world is a beautiful place, in spite of bumps in the road.
My other self would be be calm and perfect, like this tree.


Country Girl said...

Bee-you-tea-ful ~

bspinner said...


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Karen said...

I love your other self, great job! The Villa in Italy!!!...why didn't MY other self think of that!

Sharon said...

I'm thinking your other self would be boring after a week and not nearly as interesting as yourself self.

claudia said...

I kind of really like this self...this you self. Although it would be fun to be another self for a while, I think that whole, no challenges to deal with would get boring.

Anonymous said...

It makes me think of my other self ...B'ful !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wouldn't it be good to pull of white dresses all summer long....dare to dream


Elizabeth Grimes said...

I wish I could be just ONE of your 'other selves'!!! :) Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment (on "A Mamma's Babies"). Take care!

Anonymous said...

Love all you love too!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Enjoyed my visit via Karen at This Old House 2.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think we chose the same place to live in Italy! Love your was fun thinking about it all, wasn't it? I like your sparkling white dresses and yummy desserts, too! ♥

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Because every thread counts