Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lightening up

Yes, you are all correct.  I love SOS, Seriously Overwhelmed Syndrome.  I do, I have it.
It was lovely to read your comments.  It really did bring a smile to my face.
I am going to try not to overthink this, and try to accept that maybe I am just plain worn out this week.
It's OK, I can be tired.  It isn't terminal.

I worked outside for a couple of hours this morning, pruning and weeding, and generally doing spring cleaning outside.  There is a ton more to be done.  I am pacing myself.
My body rebels when I do more than I know damn well I should.
This is where I am accepting of my changing body, right?

After I broke a sweat, I decided to weave.
If I work in the garden an hour a day, the job will get done without killing myself.

I thought about what you all said, and I decided to amuse myself.  I have wanted to make a "container" rug for a while, so that is what I did.
A 'container' rug, you ask?????  WTH????
It is easy. Crazy.  Easy.  My favorite combo.
I go up into the attic, and bring down a randomly picked container.

This is the one I picked today.
And I picked the mixed natural warp I have on the Hammett, 29" wide.  I say mixed natural, because I used up a box of partial spools, in several shades of white and off white, and I put 60 yards on sectionally.

Once again, you are right.  This blog is about my life, but since weaving is my passion, it is definitely about weaving.  Do what you love, talk about what you love.  That's the truth of it.

I love to cut the fabric half as wide as I need, and wind two fabrics on the shuttle.

Sometimes a fabric I like, matched with one I am not that fond of, works for me.

And I always love the blended look I get from doing that.

One of you commented that you loved to see a post with a little tutorial in it.
So, is there anything in particular you would like to see?  Some aspect of weaving, or preparation that you need a visual of?

I wove two 'container' rugs today.

There's probably enough in my working container for three more rugs.  When it gets down to just a few choices of fabric, I go get another container, and add the dregs of the first to the second, and start all over again.

You might be wondering how a 'container' rug differs from any multicolored rug I might weave.
The answer is that I usually search the studio for just the right color, the right combination.
With container rugs, I don't do that.  It isn't allowed.  You have to use what's in the container.   You can't go look for any other fabric, until the container is almost empty.
Who made those rules???
Because I can.
I had fun today, and I needed just a little fun.
Thanks for being out there.


joyceetta said...

So...please go back a step. How does a fabric end up in a 'random' container to begin with?

Just askin.....

TexWisGirl said...

i'm guessing those 'dregs' are just leftovers from various rugs you've woven. they make a lovely 'free' pattern. :)

Country Girl said...

Thanks for being in there, inside my computer, and for giving me a glimpse into your studio. It's a beautiful life.

Happy Mother's Day, Hilary. xo

claudia said...

I really like the container rugs! Pretty, pretty!
Happy Mother's Day to you! I hope there is some resting and special treatment going on at your house for Mother's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a day without rules. Container rugs are just as lovely as all of your other rugs... I say toss the rules out the window whenever possible.

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Amanda Cutler said...

Your rugs are just amazing!!! You have amazing talent!

fiberdance said...

I so happy you decided to keep posting about your weaving and I love the pictures of your rugs-you've inspired me to make my own rugs and I love them! Tutorials would be great! My rugs seem a bit wimpy (light weight). Is that because my loom isn't a rug loom? (It's an HD 36" 4shaft)

Karen said...

Happy Mothers Day, Hilary!.... I hope you don't spend the day working, woman.

Cheryl Harper said...

Hi Hilary, Happy Mothers Day!!!!

glad to hear you're feeling your info on container rugs. i'm guessing there's no sewing of fabric together here. i hope this gets posted as i'm new to this. my first post if it works.
haw a wonderful day.

Cheryl Harper said...

it worked ya!

Hilary could you please do a tutorial on sectional warp and how many epi for a rag rug you use. i'm so happy i figured out how to post here.
thanks cheryl

Anonymous said...

Please let us know how to post here. I have no clue. Thanks Deb.

Anonymous said...

Please keep writing about weaving!! I bought second Ifor rugs after discovering your site! It is a Hammett 29in I bought from my weaving friend and teacher ( I had thought I had no interest in weaving rugs,, and now I am addicted!!) I love it when you share your weaving hints with us. Deb

Spice said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, I've never done any loom work but really like different handicrafts and crochet is my all time fav. now a days(specially with a toddler roaming around me all the time it's much easy to handle it). Looking at your blog & now I'm craving for weaving specailly as I'm crocheting with rags. Do U have any post for beg. in your blog I mean what basic stuff do we need to start with all that beg. stuff. Happy to follow U.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

This is the post I featured on my sidebar today.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts