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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ten down, Ten to go.

Totes, that is.   Beach totes.

Putting them together is labor intensive, and not nearly as much fun as weaving them.
But I love the results, so I persist.

While I worked, some were resting on their laurels.
I'm not sure I have any, but if I did, I probably wouldn't do much resting on them, anyway.

I tried to get them all in one picture, but it wasn't all that easy.
These totes are big enough to carry a small child around in.
You're not gonna make me go find one to show you, are you?
They would also hold a couple of good size cats, but I had a hard time trying to decide WHICH TWO it would be.
So without further they are.  All ten.


 My theory about tote bags is simple.
If you want lots of compartments and frills, you need to buy Vera Bradley.
My totes are just totes.  Simple, strong, washable.
Yes, I have an attitude sometimes.  I don't make things I think people will like.
I make things that I like, and then when someone else likes it too, well, there ya' have it.
That's the payoff.
So which one is your favorite?

This week, I'm making ten more totes that size, before I start on smaller ones.

I can't think about how many more snow storms, how many more snow plowing bills, temps below zero.
So I think about tote bags, rugs, place mats, and all the other things I can going to make.
Winter, you don't own me.


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Those are beautiful totes, and look like they'd be strong enough to hold a rick of firewood if need be.
Love all the colors, I can just imagine them filled to the brim, with buckets and spades, and off to the beach.
Well done !

Gayle said...

They are GAWJUS!! #1 is sooooooo wonderful, totally my fave......but then anything with a kitty on it is good, too.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

ooo, number six is my fav. Girl, you just amaze me. I was thinking of you yesterday whilst I made two rugs and nearly choked to death from the dust it created. I'll have to wear a dust mask from now on, which does not sound like fun....I would love to sit in your studio for the afternoon - it just seems like such a wonderful place with all the rugs and cats....: -)

re'New said...

#9 without a doubt - that's my favorite. I was trying to do some bags today, too. But my sewing machine was being difficult. Instead I sewed strips for tablerunners on my other machine. Dang machines are very tempermental!

Hilary said...

I love numbers 1, 5 and 10 best. Don't make me try to narrow it down further than that!

That's exactly as it should be. Make what you love or it's not made with as much love.

Anonymous said...

#1 sure makes my grey day!
They are all beautiful.
Karen in Wisconsin

Karen said...

Love Number 5, hands down.

I dont know why hands should be down,either.

Anonymous said...

#1, #2 and #5. Great looking bags and could be used for lots of errand running or storing of needle crafts. Very nice!


imjustmk said...

I love #6! It just has a natural-neutral feel to it, earthy, maybe? I also love how you don't just weave rugs, you weave EVERYTHING! It makes ME want to learn how to weave!

Teri said...

Love all of the colors. You have a better attitude about the weather than me, I'm whining about the predicted snow in the Midwest this week.

Leslie said...

I love them all but #1 is my favorite. The brighter the better, I say! I'd love to have one of those big enough to carry my Kromski Harp in. Great job! Your buddies do a great job of resting. My pugs have also perfected that art!

Marsel said...

They're all gorgeous! But I love the pattern of #9, it's fascinating. I'm sure the cats are relieved you didn't make them pose inside the bags!

Peg Cherre said...

I agree, they ARE all beautiful. But since you want me to pick my fav, I'll say that #1 & #10 are a dead heat for me. Both make me just want to smile.

Thanks for sharing!

claudia said...

First I thought #1, then #3, but then I looked at #8, #9, and #10. I can't decide...they are all great!

joyceetta said...

#1 is my very favorite. But I also really like numbers 2 and 5. I have one very similar to these. However, mine has the webbing sewn all around the top edge as well....seems to give it some stability. Also.....I think my webbing might be a bit wider. I love it and have used it for quite some time to haul around all kinds of stuff.

Silvia said...

Great compliment to you. It's so exhausting to sew thick fabric.
One tote is lovelier than the other. But my favorite would be Nr. 4 and 5.
You have such a beautiful blog.
Gruß Silvia

Judy said...

Great totes! My favorite is the blue/green one, but the colors on all of them are great.

Restless Knitter said...

#9 is my favorite, followed by 1, 3, and 10. Though I love them all!

chris said...

I vote for #1 because it would go with anything and the black straps are the finishing touch!

DebbieB said...

#1 is my favorite, followed closely by #5 and #8. They all look great.

Anonymous said...

Number 8 does it for me. How do I go about purchasing this tote! Love it!

Country Girl said...

Today, I like #5 the best. So nice.

Andie said...

I like number 2! They are all beautiful!

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Because every thread counts