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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Floor Pressure Massage

Did you ever hear of  Shiatsu from hell?
Well, that is what I was doing today.
Trying to get ready to weave a 7' x 11' Solmate sock rug on the Toika.
Trying desperately to get a shed big enough to weave with.
Unfortunately, this required that ONE of us get under the loom.  And since I am the 'designated driver', it was me.
Now getting under the loom is a little tough.  The only way is to get on the floor, on your back, and slide under the front beam.
This is the view from there.
 And when you get tired under there, and just lay back and say to heck with it all, this is the view.

You might be thinking, well she figured out the Cranbrook, isn't it the same thing???
Uh, no.  This is a Toika.  It is made in Finland, by some probably very nice people. I just wish it came with instructions permanently inscribed on the side of it.
There was a whole lot of mumbling and grumbling under that loom.  Finally, after about 3 hours spent mostly upside down on the hard, cold floor, it was lunch time.   I took the opportunity to email Su Butler, who thankfully emailed me right back.  She told me I could call her, and I did.
With Toika specific information on hand, we spent another hour working on it.
Getting OUT from under the loom was the hard part.
 One or two times doing this might not have been too bad, it was the 14th or 15th that really got to me.
 I am too tall, and too old for this.  Trust me here.
In fact, I am acutely aware of EXACTLY how old I am today.

We did take a break to haul 20 forty lb bags of pellets from the shed to the house, and by 3pm we were weaving.  We managed to get about 3 feet woven, before we called it a day.

I am exhausted.  I hurt all over.  My DH listens to me tell him about my day, and I know he is thinking "old fool".
He doesn't say so, though.   Sweet man.

I am grateful though, that I can still do what I do, titanium knee and all.

 And every time I think about really complaining, about the stiffness, having pain, feeling old, the cold weather, or anything else, I see something like Mr. Red Head here, on the snowy bird house, and I forget all about any bitching I might have done.
Cause ya' see, life is good.
After all is said and done, with all its rocky roads, it's still worth the trip.

 Oh, by the way, thanks 'L'.   Couldn't have done it without you!!!


Anonymous said...

I often visit your blog but this time I am de-lurking to comment on that gorgeous cardinal. Don't know much about weaving but your rugs are beautiful and one of these days I think I might just have to order one. BTW love your outlook on life and your humor. It keeps me coming back.

claudia said...

I'm very sorry Hilary. I laughed. I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing at the situation. Those pictures of you climbing out from under the Toika looked too much like me! (Except that you are a lot thinner!)

Lona said...

Any room for a mechanic's creeper under there? Probably not, with all the treadles and such.

Sorry for your pain.

Anonymous said...

OMG... I was moaning and groaning just looking at the photos of you crawling out from under that loom. Gosh, girl. Take it easy.


Nancy said...

You are so lucky to have cardinals where you live. We don't have them.

You are not old and you certainly have more patience and talent than anyone else I "know."

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished product.Does anyone ever send you pictures when they get the rugs in their home? I'm wore out just thinking about pulling that big boy off the loom and wrestling with it to tie off the fringe.


Theresa said...

Oh my, bad beastly loom for being all that trouble. The Thought Products Barbara V was a killer too to tie-up and adjust. I'm younger than you but even at my age, I make ease of tie up important when looking at looms.
That Toika is wickedly wide too if I remember.
Thank you for your red bird pics. I miss them, they aren't over here on the left side.


All I can say is DAMN! that is one big loom and whoa on the acrobatics of tying it up. I think you need extra time in the jacuzzi as a reward for the hard work.

Jayme Goffin, The Coop Keeper said...

You are my weaving hero! I can't even imagine a 7 x 11 old loom overwhelms at times, I won't let it now - I'll think of you and that Finnish beast!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh I know that adjusting is a pain in the butt.. but just think of the lovely colorful warp you get to work with! All those dreary winter days will be filled with color and brightness! As colorful as that bright little fellow out your windows.
Karen and Steve
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Because every thread counts