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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gratitude is the attitude.

Five more totes on the loom today, I am on a roll.  I will weave them until I get sick of them, or more likely, sick of sewing them together.  I am cutting the fabric THINNER, because otherwise, sewing them is a bear.
I thought I would include a picture of how I put the straps on.
I don't actually do them on the floor, but it was the only place where I could lay it out so you could see it.

My cousin clued me in on an easy way to make the square bottoms.
While I am weaving a tote, I am already thinking about the color of the next one.

But I need to take some time tomorrow, to regroup; put some stuff away, move my sewing machine, make a space more comfortable to sew in.

I think I am going to like this one.   Black straps?

This is a smaller bag, that looks like blue jeans, but isn't
Here it is up close.

And another, without the burgundy.

And up close.
Maybe they should be called Faux Blue Jean Bags.  They sure are easier to sew, and they are not as heavy.
As cold and uncomfortable as it is in New York, I am grateful that I am not in Egypt.  Watching it on TV is troubling, to say the least.

Yes, give me New York in February.   Sure, there's snow, and more coming.  It's cold, and by the weekend it's going to get colder.
But we're pretty safe.  Crowds aren't rioting in the streets.  We're not going hungry any time soon.

Today, I am just grateful, for this life I have.


Karen said...

You know... talking of snow... that first picture makes me think of what an awesome log tote that exact shape would make. You know what I mean?..... !!!

Anonymous said...

It's not the cold, but the grey grey skies. They make every day seem the same and to be honest, I prefer a teeny bit of variety in my day. Sunshine, where are you?


Country Girl said...

It's hard watching the news sometimes, isn't it? And it gets worse and worse.
These are really nice.

Hilary said...

Very nice.. all of them are. I like the black straps.

I have a bloggie friend who is visiting Egypt and was supposed to be home yesterday. Her family hasn't heard from her yet.. it worries me.

LiBBy said...

I love the totes! especially that red one youve shown still on the loom. It is truly a blessing to live in this land of the free and home of the brave!

Mona said...

Do you weave the straps as well, or buy them pre-made? Love the Faux blue jeans bag. Just ask my hubby ~ I have a thing for tote bags! I am also very grateful to be in snowy New Hampshire, safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Any strapping I've found is very expensive..would you be willing to share your source? Thanks!

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Because every thread counts