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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am such a dunce.   I confess, it's true.
And I have ONE person to thank for dragging me out of the dark.
Wow, I didn't know what I didn't know.
After all my problems with picture resizing, and all your helpful comments, Di over at the Blue Ridge Gal, emailed me with some suggestions.  She thought that maybe it wasn't a Mac issue at all, but a Blogger issue.  Yup, she was right.  Seems I never 'updated' Blogger, and I was using the old, out of date version, and that was my problem.  With Windows, I used Irfanview, (which I highly recommend) and so it wasn't an issue, but as soon as I got the Mac, the problems with the old Blogger were quick to surface.
So Di was very sweet, and she fixed my ailing blog, and while she was at it, she surprised me with that new and spiffy header.  I absolutely LOVE it.
I never would have thought to combine those particular photos, but I think they are PERFECT.
Thanks, Di.  You are my HERO. New year, new look.   AWESOME.

Saw this the other day in Vermont.  Beautiful red barn.
But tell me, do you get this signage??
Boggles my mind.

This morning I was weaving in the old dining room, and the sun was pouring into the front hall.  I opened the door, usually the hallway is cold, but I realized that Miss Puss was a reliable indicator of the temp. So as long as it was sunny, the door stayed open.

This is a runner that I made this morning.  It is peach and tan, with a little green thrown in for good measure.  I think it ended up being 5' long.
Someone asked me if I would give up how I managed to accumulate so much fabric.  It isn't a secret, that's for sure.  I have spent a few years creating this stash.  A great deal of it came from the 14 hour trip to and from a small town in Ontario, and then I had more shipped from there a few weeks later.  I bought out the fabric from a business that was closing.  The fabric was all in huge rolls.
I also bought out a weaver a few hours north of me, more rolls, and a couple of bales.
A few years back, I did  a show in PA,and I met a lady who used fabric in her business.  One thing led to another, and ever since, she has sent me her close out fabrics every year.  In fact, there is some on the way as we speak.
I also buy some from Great Northern on occasion.   I also dye a lot of fabric.  Every summer, I have a dye station set up outside, and dye as often as I can.

I came home early today, made some soup and some bread, and a big tossed salad.  While the bread was baking, I cleaned the refrigerator. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
You know what I mean.


SpinMeAYarn said...

I love your new heading photos, so congratulations to Deb for setting that up for you, and I love your peach rug too,
such a lovely yummy look to your log today, well done!

bspinner said...

New hedder is awesome!!! I love country red barns too but like you haven't the foggest what the signage means.

Soup, bread and a salad doesn't get much better than that.

Karen said...

LOVE the new header, and ain't she great? I do love that calico too...

Linda said...

Hilary, I love the new look! A day doesn't go by that I don't take a look at your blog!

Bonnie said...

I just love the new look. It is just great. I am glad you figured out the Mac.

Country Girl said...

Where does all this energy come from? I don't understand!!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh great header.. I especially love that runner down the length of your new porch!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Glenda said...

Totally love your new header! It says, without the words, what I have come to know about you and your passions. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Love the new header, Love your blog, you have a great way of speaking right to us! I am disappointed when you miss a day- so know you are appreciated.

I think the signage means she sells chicken,, and I would think eggs.

Thanks for sharing where you got all your material. I used all my old sheets and tablecloths and was eyeing the not so old ones!

Deb (cobleskill)

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Because every thread counts