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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let it shine.

See the bird on the railing.......he's found the cat food on the porch, and he and his friends wait for Bubbalee to get done eating.
Bubbalee sat on the bench on the porch, watching us through the window.  I wanted to just open the door and invite her in, but I know she will run off right away.

Despite being 6 degrees Fahrenheit, the sun was shining.
Finding the sunny spot was the order of the day.   Bubbalee was in her solar house, and the four inside cats were vying for position.

Sydney's message is clear.   
"Could ya just move, Jinx?"
She sat there for quite a while, waiting for the younger, and smaller, cat to give in.
She didn't.

I decided to weave off the blue warp on the Union Custom in the living room.  The living room is where the pellet stove is, and thus the warmest room at the studio.  So I am going to put a nice off white warp on it, so I can spend FEBRUARY there.   I am not weaving in the dining room unless I have to, it is too cold.  I am following the sun, and weaving next to the sources of HEAT.  That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.
Today, I wove more blue jean rugs, and blue jean caterpillar rugs, and right before I left for the day, I started cutting up a huge box of fabric into strips.  As I was doing it, I was thinking about how much time it would take to sew the different colors of strips together.  It isn't that I mind doing it, but it is very time consuming.
Then on the way home, I had a mini brain storm.  Must be the extreme cold.  But it occurred to me that I could make TOTES with that fabric, and I wouldn't have to sew them together, as I am weaving them, I can let the ends hang out the sides, because I am going to sew up the sides of the bag anyway.
Eureka!!!  What a concept.    
I will be starting on that this week.
I can't think about the cold.  Instead I just made a cherry raspberry coffee cake.  It's in the oven.  The tea is brewing.  All my family is safe, and warm.
I have a hat to finish knitting, emails to answer, and plenty to read.
You gotta have a plan, folks.  Nothing works so well.
And a little gratitude doesn't hurt, either.


LA said...

It looks like you have some huge snow drifts!!! It's a good thing the sun was makes for a more joyful day! The cats were right to chase the sunbeams.

claudia said...

That's a lot of snow! I haven't seen snow that high since I was in Utah in January of1974 or so...E Gads that is a long time ago!
Thos cats are so smart, I think I shall do what they do on my next day off...follow the sun around the house!

Karen said...

So true, Hilary. And that coffee cake sound delicious! Any chance you'de share that recipe too? I made the potato Leek soup yesterday, absolutely delicious. So good, I'm going to post it today with credit to you. I made enough to bring to our 87 year old neighbor across the street and she loved it too. Thanks for sharing -

Midlife Roadtripper said...

Sounds like a most lovely place to be with the warm oven and a cup of tea. The colors in your weavings are most beautiful. And the music has been most calming this morning. What a fun visit to your world.

Stay warm.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts