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Saturday, January 8, 2011


It is another cold one in the northeast, but I spent the day in a bathing suit.
Yes, tis true.  Would I lie?
I took one of my daughters and three of my grandkids to the Great Escape Lodge Whitewater Bay, an indoor water park.
I didn't take any pictures.  I have tried that in previous years, but it doesn't work out well.   I spent too much time worrying about the safety of my camera, instead of having fun.
So instead, pictures of the snowy vistas around here will have to do.

For only a minute did I consider that I might not look wonderful in a bathing suit.  That's all it took to get a good look at the bathing suits in attendance.  There were people who were wearing two piece bathing suits  that should NEVER EVER have even contemplated it for a moment.  You know what I mean, right?
There were tattoos, piercings, cleavage, and cellulite.  Oh, dear.
I am glad I don't have to waste one minute worrying about how I look.
What a relief.

It was a long day, the kids had a blast, I am waterlogged and exhausted.  I can tell you that I will sleep like a baby tonight.

Remember I went to Vermont last week?  This is a little town in Vermont, called Pawlet.
It is a farming town on the way to Manchester.
There is a very cool general store, where you can buy just about anything.

I love it.   Don't you?

The floors creak, like they should in an old country store.

In Vermont, you can buy wine in a grocery store, unlike New York.

In the center of the store, they have this interesting item.
You see the store is built over a brook.
And if you look down ..............

You can see the water.  Is that cool or what?

And that will have to do for the tour tonight.  Whatever energy level I had is no more.
Kids.  You gotta love em.


Darlene said...

You can look down and see the brook under the store? How cool is that! I've driven through more small towns than I can remember in my travels across this country. And I still love seeing all the houses, and stores, and neat old buildings. I always wonder who lives there, and what they do.

Karen said...

What a fun day! LOVE the photographs - especially the Vermont town and country store, one of my favorite kinds to shop in.

The Red house/building is awesome in it's vintage wear.

claudia said...

It's beautiful there! I love that store. I haven't been there, just from your pictures and description.
I thought it was funny that you said you could buy wine in grocery stores. Come to can buy wine, beer, hard liquor and all the fixin's while you are picking up dinner. I've never known it any other way.
A brook under the store is so cool. That is probably where I would spend most of my shopping time!

Franny V said...

You made me "homesick" for small town life. I spent three years in the "wilds" on the Maryland/Pennsylvania border and loved driving through those small towns. I sure do miss them.

Hilary said...

Oh what a cool shop.. I think I'd want to spend a long time in there. Thanks for the tour.

Country Girl said...

Love the shop ~ love it! And you are awesome for taking the kids to that waterpark. Can I have some of your energy?

Theresa said...

Did you post those shots for me? Love it. I wonder if Shep's is still in business in West Pawlet Thank you for the little sightseeing tour of some old stomping grounds.
The day at the water park sounded pretty darn good too!

Anonymous said...

Great general store, reminds me of my great Aunt's grocery here in town many many years ago.
If you ask, they can probably find it.
Those stores have always amazed me, from snow shovels to flip flops, and groceries too.
Thanks for sharing!
Karen in Wisconsin

Mare said...

i love Vermont....

itssewnice said...

The store with the brook running through, that is like Frank Lloyd Writish..perhaps that is where he got his inspiration.

I love all the pics with kitties on your web page.

Anonymous said...

Love the old wooden doors and frames on the wall coolers. I remember stores having those when I was a kid. So nice to see that they still exist somewhere.


Tabor said...

Congrats on your POTW. These is a an interesting tour of a part of the world I would love to see more of.

Brian Miller said...

what a cool peek hole...i like stores like that...some wonderful vistas...but the water park sounds nice cause we are froze right now...congrats on the potw...

Out on the prairie said...

Fun post and lovely images.

ethelmaepotter! said...

Next time I visit my sister in New Hampshire, I'm hopping over to Vermont...just for this store!
Congrats on POTW!

Anonymous said...

Oh hey! I see you got POTW over at the Smitten Image for this post... Congratulations!!! You know I always enjoy reading your posts.


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Because every thread counts