Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snow in NY, spring in Spain

One of the nicest things about my venture at Crazy as a Loom Weaving Studio is the people I meet. I meet them at shows, in the shop, online, over the phone. For the most part, they are kind and appreciative. They inspire me to keep doing what I love, and they encourage me to trust my instincts in my weaving.
In 2008, I had my first "international" order, from Petra, in Spain. Over the winter, she kept buying rugs, and ordering custom rugs, and we talked via email. She sent me photos of her house, and of olive trees and periwinkle. I just sent her some mug mats, and she told me about spring in Spain, and she sent me this amazing photo of her and her "true love". It is an amazing thing to "meet" someone this way, and feel their warmth and energy in spite of the distance. And though I never thought of going to Spain, her words and pictures have put that idea in my mind. So I just had to share this image with you, it was just too good to keep to myself. (click on the pic to make it bigger)

Today I was still quite distracted, though doing much better. I accepted that I was not going to get much done. And acceptance was the answer, because the day turned out to be an OK day after all. Tammy and I took her Mom to lunch at El Mexicano, where we were serenaded by a strolling crooner with a cowboy hat and a guitar. The food was awesome. Then Tammy and I went to Tops Furniture, where the right half of the store is used furniture, and the left side is all new furniture. We just enjoyed looking around, could have bought lots of stuff, but we didn't buy anything.
When we went back to the studio,
I went upstairs, and took these pictures out the back window. I have been on the lookout for the snow to melt enough to see the labyrinth. And today, finally, it did. It looks pretty wet in places, but I am going to put my rubber boots on and walk it anyway. And as my grandson Logan said, I can find the center of my heart.
The other view is out over the meadow. As you can see, the snow is holding out.
I wove some rep weave towels on my Macomber in the back bedroom, which just happens to be my favorite room in the whole house. The towels have been on the loom all winter, and I need to finish them. I have a brand new sectional beam to put on the loom, and then I will rewarp it for more towels. I am thinking some blue and white towels would be nice.
I was amazed at how calm I was weaving today, as if just the decision to let worry go was enough.
And of course my shadow, Kizzy and Miss Puss, were right there to keep me company. They love it when I start opening doors upstairs, letting them prowl around.
One of these warm afternoons, the loft needs cleaning, and the cats have never been up there, so it will be an adventure for them.
The quilt on the bottom of the bed was given to me by my late friend, Flossie. Out of the blue she sent it to me last spring. I asked her if it was for my birthday, which was in February. She said no, it wasn't for my birthday, it was just because "you are you". A few months later, she passed away. Flossie's parting gift. So even though I have been admonished and warned, that the quilt should be put someplace out of the light, so it will last forever, I can't do it. Flossie was a bright light, and she never hid that light, so I won't hide her quilt either. As you can see, Kizzy loves it. I love it, too.
I may not get much done this week, or maybe I will. Either way I will be OK with it. I am beginning to understand that chilling is sometime just what I need.


Hilary said...

These photos are wonderful. They depict your day so perfectly. I agree that the quilt should be seen, used and enjoyed. I have little doubt that's why it was gifted to you. And to Kizzy of course. ;) (Your Kizzy looks a lot like my Skitty)

Candy Duell said...

Beautiful quilt! I agree, it looks great on the bed, and I think that also would be my favorite place to weave. Your bedroom is beautiful!

Life Looms Large said...

Can't blame you a bit for wanting to keep such a beautiful quilt out! I think your friend would want it to be used. In fact, those pictures make me want to just curl up on that bed, reading and napping. (I love to nap!)

Thanks for the pictures of Spain. I'd love to visit there some day!!


Rainbows in Wool said...

People that make quilts for other people want them to be used and loved.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts