Friday, March 20, 2009

Simple moments

Finally warm weather, and the snow melted enough on the bike path, so Eddie and I could walk our favorite route.
This is the dam across the Hudson River. I love the sound of the roaring water.
My husband says this is a power plant, but I have never seen any activity there. It is a neat brick building, nonetheless.

Eddie loves to walk down here. As soon as we head down the road towards the river, he gets excited. It is a great walk. We occasionally meet other people walking their dogs, but not often.
And when we do, Ed is almost a perfect gentleman.

My daughter and her boyfriend are vacationing in the Florida Keys. They sent me these pictures.
Aren't they fantastic? I want to swim with looks like an incredible experience.
Isn't it amazing that the simplest things make us so very happy. And most often, they happen when we least expect them to.

When I spent a couple of days with my middle daughter this past week, we went to an organic restaurant for lunch. It was an unusual occurrence, for the two of us to be alone together, without children. We talked, and I told her about a memory I had, of a few moments in time that for some reason stuck in my head. Several years ago, my husband to be and I were working on an apartment we were getting ready to rent. We were plastering the upstairs, and making an awful mess. Sometime during the day, I went down to the house, and brought back a cardboard box, with hot dogs, rolls, mustard, relish, chips, and drinks. We sat together on the floor, eating this lunch. For some reason, with the sun streaming through the windows, sharing this simple fare, I realized that my life had changed. After some tough times, I was happy, and content. I knew my life was going to be OK.
Today I got an email from my daughter. She said that having lunch with me the other day at Everybody's Cafe, was a "hotdog moment in Putnam" for her.


Anonymous said...

Happy First Day of Spring to You and Yours! :)

Anonymous said...

Love Boz Scaggs... I have one of his songs on my blog as well... so mellow and jazzy....

The Blue Ridge Gal

Terrie said...

Glad to hear all is well. You can not beat walking with the dog on a sunny day. The picture of the dolphins with your family are great. HAPPY SPRING

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts