Monday, March 23, 2009

Is it spring yet?

Kizzy does not look all that inspired, does he? I was weaving placemats today, and he wanted my attention every minute........this is him after I put him down for about the fifth time. Now he is going to just keep his eye on me.
Placemats are very time consuming. I like making them, I love the way they turn out. But I have to be in the mood for them. These are made from previously sewn strips of fabric, wound into balls. They are very popular, and I never have them around long. I just made 3 sets, and they are all sold.

Tomorrow I am giving a talk at the Fort Ann Lady's Auxiliary, about Crazy as a Loom, how I got started, and what I do there. I have rugs and other stuff ready to go, but as much as I have tried to rehearse what I want to say, I think the best way to go is just to start. After all, it is my story, I should know it by heart. I just hope that they find it interesting, and don't fall asleep.

Like Miss Puss is about to do, in one of her favorite sunny window spots. Sometimes I watch her, and Kizzy, and I think about how comfortable they are in their little world......that is a gift, to be happy where you are.

My Eddie, at 12, doesn't see so well any more......unless you throw his tennis ball, and then he will amaze you. He is getting a little gray, and he is deaf as a stone........but he is still a very sweet boy. As you can see.

Have you ever heard about stratifying seeds???? I bought some heirloom seeds, and read the back of the package, and it said they have to be "stratified". Great. So I went to google.....and it said that the seeds had to be mixed in damp peat moss, and kept in the refrigerator, to mimic winter, for 4 weeks, then planted inside. So that is where they are, and I hope it works........I am supposed to check them periodically to see if any sprout, if they do, I need to plant them right away.
I bought a bunch of seeds, not sure what I was thinking.......a lot of them need to be planted inside. I have no idea where to do that. If I put them downstairs, the cats will tip them over, no doubt. I can't put them upstairs because there is no heat up there. I am tempted to plant the hollyhocks outside. How about a cold frame??? Hmm. There's an idea.

I am going to be in the local weekly newspaper this week. Twice a year, the Chronicle does a "Women in Business" issue. I missed it last time, but this time I made the deadline and made out the questionaire. I even sent them a picture of myself.
Small town girl makes good.


Hilary said...

I love reading all about your newsy bits. And your photos are always a treat. Keep us posted on those seeds. :)

Hilary said...

That's me....newsy!! I am so glad you stopped by. And I will keep you posted on the seeds.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts