Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blue Jean day

Well, pretty much every day is a blue jean day for me........I do love blue jeans.
But sewing them is what I really meant. All day. Strips and strips of blue jeans sewn together to wind into balls like the one here in the photo.
If you have any interest in how I prep blue jeans to use in blue jean rugs, click here.
I have to commit to doing it for hours at a time, when I would rather be weaving. But I have ONE blue jean rug on the shelf, and blue jean rugs are popular. So I have to spend some time at prepping, so I will have enough material to weave some rugs. And once I get started weaving, I don't want to stop. So I better make sure I have LOTS of blue jean strips in balls before I start.

Just in case you think that Miss Puss is the ONLY reason for work stoppage, here is Kismet. Some days he acts like I am not there, and other days he won't leave me alone for a minute.

Some days it's the 80's music, some days the Coffee House, then again it could be NPR Talk Radio. Other days, I turn the radio off, and it is just quiet, other than the sound of the loom, or the sewing machine, and the sound of pellets dropping down into the pellet stove.
Tonight at dinner, in conversation, my 84 year old mother said, that people should just stay wherever they were born, and they shouldn't move all over the place. "Bloom where you are planted", she piped.
My husband and I were speechless for a moment. Finally, we asked her how she could say that. After all, she came to this country from England when she was 21 years old, and she has lived here ever since. She replied that it was exactly that .......she said that because she hadn't stayed put, and she should have. We tried to explain to her that "bloom where you are planted" didn't mean that you should never move anywhere else, but that you should live fully wherever you might be. She adamantly disagreed. She said, nope, that is not what that means. Even though we pointed out that the United States is made up of people who came here from many different places, she would have none of it.
Now I don't want to insinuate that my mother is not in complete charge of her faculties. Because she is. But it seems that as she gets older, she gets more and more eccentric ideas, unlike her.
And it makes me wonder if I will be like that, and if I will know that it is happening, or, like her, I will think that it is everyone else.

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