Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting rich

When we were renovating the studio, this light, hanging in the living room, didn't work. The day before my grand opening, my contractor had it laying out on the kitchen counter, in a jillion pieces. I freaked. It looked like a lost cause, and I was ready to sprint to Lowe's to buy something else to hang in its spot. In the course of taking it apart, there was a little piece of paper inside, it said "Sears-47 cents".
Is that possible?
Anyway, amazingly he put it back together, and it is up where it belongs, and where it has been since someone paid that incredible amount for it.

This is an entrelac bag that my friend Sheila is a beautiful thing. She is much more adventuresome than I am with her knitting. I would rather knit something easier, like the scarves hanging under the bag......that you can start and finish it one evening. Or the hats, because they are mindless, and easy. I can knit them without thinking much about it, and that is how I relax. My husband always says that he can't understand why I would want to be knitting when I have been weaving all day..........I tried to explain to him that knitting is my down time, it is when I de-stress, and wind down. Which is why I don't want very complicated projects.
Pretty soon I will put the hats away. Because winter will be over, and spring will be here. My husband brought a shelf over to the studio, that he built in our basement. I quickly filled it with rugs, and have still more rugs to find places for. My dream of having full shelves, and lots of stock is coming I guess having no orders for a while is not such a bad thing after all. I got a call today from someone wanting information about buying wholesale. She had lots of good things to say about the gumball rugs in particular, and after I hung up, I realized that even if business is slow,
I just need to do what I do, weave rugs, and have faith that the orders will come, and rugs will sell. Keeping my focus on what I am doing, and not on the end result, is what keeps my serenity intact. But the old messages, ones from my dear old Dad, that you must make money, that you aren't worthwhile unless you are productive, are tough to keep at bay. Just when I think I have them conquered, I find myself worrying again.
I will spend the rest of my life keeping myself in line, and reminding myself that it is OK to do what I love, it doesn't have to make me rich. It isn't about money.
Because in so many other ways, it makes me richer than I ever thought possible.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right. I would feel very wealthy if I could look at a basket full of hats or shelves filled with rugs that I had created with my own hands.

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