Saturday, March 7, 2009

Keepin' It Simple

Quiet day today, alone in the studio, weaving Solmate sock rugs. I never get tired of them.......every single one of them is a different combination of colors. Opening the bag of loopers is always a surprise. They are cut and looped with total spontaneity, and there is no rhyme or reason. I love the fact that recycled sock seconds can get a brand new life as a rag rug. There is something inspiring to me about that. And in this economy, the frugality of it makes sense to me. Anyway, I am on a mission to weave up stacks of them, and that was what I was doing today.

I had lots of time to think, and grown up kids were on my mind. I only have daughters, and while they sound alike on the phone, and look a lot alike, they are different in so many ways. I am incredibly fortunate that they are beautiful people, I tried to do a good job raising them, but I know that I can't take all the credit for who they have grown up to be. Some of it is just plain luck.
I guess any mother knows that you never stop worrying about them, no matter how old they are, or how old you are. Somehow you hope that they won't make the same mistakes that you made, that they will do it better, and they will be smarter. But the reality of it is that they will probably make a lot of the same mistakes that you did, and nothing you can say will save them from doing it their own way. Why is it so true that hind site is 20/20?
So I struggled today, with wondering, imagining, and worrying. I guess I think back and remember decisions I made in my life that didn't turn out so well. They seemed like the right choices at the time. Brings to mind one of my favorite sayings, by Mark Twain........a man who carries a cat by the tail learns something that he can learn in no other way.
Yup, I have carried the cat by the tail, for sure. Been there, done that.

I also have an "adopted" daughter, my youngest daughter's best friend, and we all love her. She is very naturally a part of our family.
So here we are, from the left, Morgan, Jo, me, Holly, Brooke, and my mom.
My 84 year old mother, has LESS gray than I do......does that sound fair????

One of the things that I think age has done for me, is that it has made me very unwilling to opt for any drama. When I was younger, I accepted that drama was a part of my life. Now, I have no tolerance for it at all. I think getting older frees you up for enjoying all things simple and uncomplicated. I appreciate my life, and the predictability of it. And I have learned that keeping it that way, is pretty much my choice.


Hilary said...

Beautifully stated. Your family is beautiful. And so is the rug. You're quite the talent with weaving fabric and words. And you don't look gray at all to me.. more blonde. :)

Hilary said...

YOU are too kind. But thank you.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I made a comment and it disappeared when I hit "preview." I have no idea what happened to it. If it went through, disregard this comment.
If not..I will try again later. :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said... went through..and my original did not. I originally told you how lovely your family was and that I was pleased to meet you.
Your comment on my blog was much appreciated.
I also said that I had never met anyone before that did weaving. The colors are amazing. What a great thing to be able to do!

Hilary said...

Thanks....pleased to meet you, as well.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on the 'no drama'. It just drains a person of all their energy. Acceptance is so much easier.

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Because every thread counts