Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weaving Weekend

This was my first weaving weekend this year. It was the first weekend that it was warm enough for one, since there is no heat upstairs. I only had one student, and she was not really a newbie, having already taken basic weaving, and she already has NINE looms. ( She is a someone I can identify with :) So the two of us, plus Kizzy and Miss Puss, did weaving boot camp, as my husband puts it.
I am always amazed at how fast the weaving weekend goes by. We get totally immersed in it, which is just fine with me. I never get sick of weaving. I get physically tired sometimes, but never sick of it.
Terrie wanted to be able to put sectional warps on her looms, so that's what we did. She put two separate sectional warps on. She also did a lot of weaving. She made one fabric rug, and one selvedge rug. I cut a lot of fabric while she was weaving. As you can see, I had help.

I think teaching someone about what I do makes me better at it.

I am surprised sometimes at how much information I have gathered along the way. Sharing it with someone who wants to learn the craft is very rewarding.

Miss Puss was mostly distinterested in what we were doing, and kept vigil watching traffic go by.

Even though the Union looms have the spokes at the bottom that you can use to put spools of warp on, I use a spool rack and a tension box. I taught myself to do it this way, and it is comfortable, so I stick with it. Also, the spokes on most Union looms are dangerous in my opinion, so I have my husband remove them.

On Saturday night, we decided to go out to dinner, so we went to Amigo's Cantina in Schuylerville. It is a small restaurant, but I highly recommend it. We had the burritos, which you can get with chicken or beef, or just veggies. You can see how huge it is.......I could only eat half of this.......but it was delicious!!

Here is Terrie with her first rug. She did a great job. She made it to go in front of her sink.

I know I am exhausted tonight. But I have a sense of accomplishment, and I think that the weekend was a successful one.


Char said...

it sounds so successful...and lovely.

Life Looms Large said...

That does sound like a tiring, but fun, weekend!! I'm impressed with all that you and your student accomplished! Gotta love a student who has 9 looms!

Your studio space has great light!!!!

That Mexican food looks so good (even though it's first thing in the morning here). We're going out for Mexican Thursday night and I can't wait!!


Frank Baron said...

"I think teaching someone about what I do makes me better at it."

That sure resonated with me. A similar process occurred as I was writing my book. Teaching (or writing a how-to) brings an extra level of focus to what we do. We're forced to see it with eyes outside our own, and new perspectives always add to an existing knowledge base.

Congrats on a successful weekend - capped by what looks like a scrumptious meal. :)

Hilary said...

Thanks perspectives, that works for me.

Terrie said...

I have to tell you that the weaving weekend was well worth and and highly recommended. I hope anyone who can will take the time and go weave with Hilary. I came home and ordered 2 sectional beams for 2 of my looms. After learning how much easier it is to warp a loom sectionally I may never do it the old way. Hilary had lots of fabric to choose from and also lots of looms to choose from too. Thanks again Hilary it was great. Terrie

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