Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today was a day of heat, and sunshine, and loopers galore.
We organized, we mixed up colors, and made 10 lb bags of them.  I didn't take any photos of this fiasco, I was too busy wiping the sweat out of my eyes.  Although, I found that three or four loopers make a great sweat band.
Lois declined.

And guess what????
The most recent stray cat, who Lois named "Next", went nicely into our Havaheart trap today, and then made a trip to the vet's.

Even though he sat at the window, and listened for a long time while I talked to him, he is not that friendly.
Miss Puss does not scare him either, no matter how loud she growls.
He is very thin.  I hope he sticks around for a while, so we can fatten him up.  After he has been neutered, he might not be so driven to travel around the countryside.

When another stray comes along, his name will be 'Also'.
Works for me.
The SPCA can stop calling me for money anytime,  we got our own thing going on here.
There never seems to be an end of these cats without homes.

One of my oldest and dearest friends was at a DAR conference in Washington, DC last week.
She has multiple health problems, but she gets around pretty well.
She and two other ladies were in the back of a cab, going from the Conference to the hotel.  They pulled up at the door, and my friend asked the cabby if she could get out the left door, being as a lot of cabs don't allow you to use that door.  The cabby said, "You can use any door you want to , lady."
So her two companions got out the right side, and she started to get out the left side.  Just as she was half way out the door, the cabby gunned the car.
My friend's leg  was pulled under the cab, and twisted, and he dragged her quite a ways, before her screaming got his attention.
Yes, she has a broken leg.
So now she is in a wheel chair for 12 weeks.
Just in case you think you had problems.

I am always grateful for being upright, and mobile.  My total knee replacement, disappointment that it was, and still is, made me painfully aware of how easy it is to lose that ease of movement and independence that we all take for granted, every day.
Now, I am happy to be walking, at any speed, with any amount of pain.
Everything is relative.

Which brings me to walking.   I had gotten ridiculously lazy about it in recent months.  And Eddie was old, and couldn't go far like he used to, and that was as good an excuse as any.
But then we lost him, and it was unthinkable.
Now here's Roy.  Sweet, sweet Roy.  And he is in the prime of his life, and he loves his walks.  When I come in the door from the studio, he meets me, and his tail doesn't stop wagging.  I swear he is smiling.
He is patient, through dinner, but he follows me around, just in case I go near his leash, or the door.
So we walk.  Every night.  He inspires me to keep going.  My foot is better since the cortisone, for the most part.  The knee makes the same old noise it always makes, but my heart is singing.
How come it is that there is nothing as sweet as walking your dog on a hot summer night???


Deb said...

Yep, I agree. They get us out there and then we enjoy the walk as much as they do because of their company. Kane gets 2 walks a day and at ll years now he is slowing down a little but he is always ready for a walk. Now that Gary is retired God knows how many walks a day he'll get now. Congratulations on trapping and neutering the new kitty. He looks a bit tempermental but that may ease once he's done or he may even loath people even more. It's a coin toss.

claudia w said...

Oh your poor friend! I hope that she has a speedy and as painless as possible recovery!

Another lucky kitty comes to your doorstep. There must be a sign directing them to your place in kitty language. That cat is very pretty. (handsome?)

I wish my dog would intice me to walk daily. He is just a tad too strong for me. I am afraid to walk him alone! I should probably get myself a different dog, this guy is sifficult but I love him dearly. He had a bad first year at his other home. It's not his fault.

Rubye Jack said...

Too bad cats don't like to be walked :) I could use that kind of incentive. I went to physical therapy yesterday for my knee and miraculously my pain is much less today. I think I was protecting it too much. That is so sad about your friend and her leg. I hope she mends rapidly.
And, that is so cool that you help the cats out like that.

Cait Throop said...

Unbelievable about your friend! So frightening what can happen and so quickly! Wishing her speedy recovery!

Yeah, I have been very lazy lately--full of excuses--too hot, too buggy, too tired, etc. I'll have to work on it!!

Anonymous said...

Rowdy got a short walk in the heat last night but tonite we simply couldn't bear to go outdoors..... hopefully he will still love us when the weather cools down a tad and we take him for evening walks again. Roy is luckier then Rowdy.

TexWisGirl said...

that 'next' kitty is very handsome. i hope he warms up to you after his trauma is over with.

sweet boy roy! i'm so glad you have him. :)

your poor friend! i hope she sues the cab company!

That Janie Girl said...

Wow - prayers for your friend. I hope they consider legal action, that is just not right.

Pretty kitty!!

MarthaVA said...

Stupid Cabbie! Good Lord. Those guys....never mind, I won't start a rant. But I agree with texwisgirl - hope she sues the pants off the guy and the company!

Love that Roy....he's doing such good things for you. :-)


Restless Knitter said...

You have to wonder just how big of a hurry someone has to be in to not notice someone still getting out of the car! I'm just in shock! I wish your friend a speedy recovery.

Next and Also made me laugh :)

Reena said...

I am so glad you are there to help those kitties! Hope Next gets some of your good food.

Horrible about your friend!

Good for you to get out and walk ... some day I will have to have my knees replaced ... putting off as long as possible!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy Roy has settled in like an old shoe. Any word on Bubbalee and Bunnynose, I do hope she has accepted the comforts of a good home over the outside.

Lois has an excellent sense of humor! NEXT! I love it, hope he does well. I love cats, I have cats, but I can honestly say, I have never had one stray into my life the way they do for you. They know something!

Frank's Corner said...

Next is a lucky boy! In reference to your knee. Was it checked to be sure the hardware isn't loose? ex-rays or MRI? And, for walking, have you tried a simple neoprene support? Sometimes a simple support may ad the stability needed to lessen irritation to the surrounding tissues.

Hilary said...

How shocking for your poor friend. How could such a thing happen? She and the other two must have been so traumatized, and I'd guess that the driver was too.

We need to see more of sweet Roy. :)

And good on you for helping Next.

Anonymous said...

Next is a handsome boy! I am so pleased to hear that Roy my boy is happily training you to take him on walks. Pictures of Roy please.

Anonymous said...

your poor friend. I hope she heals nicely. you never know what is going to happen from day to day. Next is lucky he found a good house to stop by. Hopefully he'll stick around.

Karen said...

OH, your poor friend!!!!

I am loving Next. Handsome boy. Hope he lets you love him.

And.. those walks are sometimes my sanity.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

I am imagining you at the back door calling "Next! NEEE-EEEXXXT!" *Snort*

charities children said...

I always wish my dog would intice me to walk daily. Because dog is just a tad too strong for me. Some time I am afraid to walk alone.

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Because every thread counts