Friday, January 13, 2012


I finished my first spring placemats off this warp.

Most of them are sets of 4.   

The warp threads are tan, light blue, pale yellow, light sage green.

The set below is sage green.

When I get on a placemat kick, I am not easily distracted.   I get into it.  My stash of placemats was getting pretty low, and besides, I needed to surround myself with spring pastels.
I have a couple of sets of these blue ones.

And a couple of sets of this different blue.

And three sets of these buttercup yellow, one set has 6 placemats in it.
These are my faves.

Then I get a little crazy.......hence, Crazy as a Loom.  Cuz I ask myself questions, like WHY do sets of placemats have to match?
Do they?  And who sez???? the spirit of mismatched placemats to jazzzzzzzzzz up your dinner table, I give you:

Set of 4 MISMATCHED, but they LOVE each other.

And another set of MISMATCHED, with a different shade of case you were going to suggest that I put all four yellow ones TOGETHER.

Every night, I bring these placemats home to tie the fringe.  I swear the fringe takes longer than the weaving does.
The wind picked up this afternoon, and the temperature began to drop.
What????  winter????  what's up with that?
Before I left for my Physical Therapy session, I put another warp on the Hammett.....for more placemats.
Here are the colors I chose.

It is sometimes hard to imagine what they will look like together,  but I just have to 
trust my instinct.

So I hearby declare January Placemat Month.
It works for me.

This is just as complicated as I want my life to be.


Anonymous said...

Life is only as complicated as we or those around us make it. Do lots of placemats, I mean, why make life difficult, especially in January which is sort of a sucky month.

Country Girl said...

I love the yellow. Love love love it. And honestly, I also love the mismatch. Maybe have to purchase both sets!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhh yellow sure has a way of perking up the winter blahs!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Loomatic said...

Love your colour selection and I like the idea of getting lots and lots of placemats done. Think of the satisfied feeling of seeing piles and piles of placemats ready for sale...bliss.

Anonymous said...

My husband is very interested in primitive arts and crafts and old weaving techniques. He has an inkle loom that he built and he makes sashes and garters for the men in his muzzle loading groups and for trade items. Your warp reminds me of that loom.

cobaltandindigo (Molly) said...

I love, love, LOVE the mismatched sets. We only have two spaces at the table here, so I could get three different looks out of one set of four.

If the fringe is such a pain, is there a way you could get away with not making it? Personally, I don't really care for fringe on placemats, it always seems to look worn before the rest of the placemat does. Not that your fringe isn't pefectly lovely and I wouldn't be lining up to purchase them if my checking account had just a wee bit more money in it.

Daryl said...

oh I love mismatched ... I love those placemats .. those are 'my' colors ... I might need to buy a set ...

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Because every thread counts