Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday shuffle

This is where I wanted to be today.  Bitter cold outside, sun coming through the windows, fire roaring.
Loom threaded, just waiting for me.

This says spring and warm breezes, lovely, warm, sunny days.  Don't you think?

It is just joyful weaving, I am not kidding.

I didn't take Roy for a walk today, too busy and too cold.

My mother is away at a friend's for a couple of days, so DH and I went out to dinner at the Gourmet Cafe.
I love their pasta bar, all you can eat.
I should have taken a picture of my order.....bowtie pasta, green onions, spinach, mushrooms, pesto, white wine, olive oil and parmesan.
By the time I thought of a picture, it was gone.
I apologize.
I am so rude.

Maybe next time.

You'll just have to trust me that it was to "die for".

Shout out:
Gourmet Cafe
Glen St
Glens Falls, NY


Need A Latte Mom said...

love love love the colors in the place mats. they are just happy.

Deb said...

That sounds scrumpdillyishus. I had chinese tonight, oh joy! It is so bloody cold here tonight. Kane is not getting a walk either. He's getting too old for the freezing cold and I am way too old, too. Tomorrow's another day. Have you ever photographed any of your home, Hilary? I think I am always looking at your studio in your photos. Well, stay warm and enjoy that enchanting work-space you have. Love all the colours in this post. Deb

Anonymous said...

WHAT? No mac and cheese with chicken? LMAO

Country Girl said...

Quiet romantic weekend, then eh? I think it's great that he goes out to eat with you.

Daryl said...

pasta is my second favorite food after grilled tuna .. sigh

Johanna Whitney said...
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Johanna Whitney said...

I LOVE those placemats! The colors are perfect and happy and so springtime!

Corie said...

Love the recipe tab!!

Sharon said...

Those colors in the placemats are working up great! That's just pure fun.

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Because every thread counts