Sunday, January 8, 2012

A rant and a walk.

 I don't usually rant about politics, or religion.
I know those are personal subjects, and my ranting is not likely to change anyone's mind.
Not that I want to change anyone's mind.  I don't.  I am totally ok with everyone having their own belief system, and making their own decisions.
But I have to mention something that my husband read to me this morning, from the Sunday paper.
I don't read the paper.  It depresses me.  He tells me all the bad news I need to know.

Rick Santorum opposes birth control.    He has equated same sex marriage with with polygamy, pedophilia, and bestiality-- and argued that gays and lesbians should not serve openly in the military because "they're in close quarters, they live with people, they obviously shower with people."
He may be a nice guy, but seriously?
Wouldn't we, as a nation, as a people, be going BACKWARDS.
I'm sorry.  I am not going to climb up on a stump and wave my hands, but I am appalled.
I wish he hadn't said those things.
Actually, I wish he didn't BELIEVE those things.
I don't care what anyone believes, and I am not interested in how they live their lives.  But if you are not abusing animals or children, and not hurting anyone, then you have the right to decide for yourself.
I want to have the choice.  I don't want anyone taking it away from me.
End of rant.
And congrats to Mitt.   I don't see how he could lose the nomination.

Sunday, and not my turn to take my mother to the SA.

Next was waiting for me.
He is very vocal.

And now he lets me touch him every day.
In fact, he insists.

He didn't like the click of my phone taking his picture.

I did some more rearranging, trying to make the first thing you see when you come in the door, look appealing.
The retail part of the studio needs to flow.
The argument that it is a 'working studio', kind of gives us license to spread out, and unfortunately, then the whole place looks like a cyclone hit it.

I finished more shades of yellow, pale greens, and whites.

I love weaving placemats.  They just make me feel good.
I am glad I am so easy to please.

Roy is like me sometimes.  He is easy to please, too.
Sunshine and a walk.
Doesn't get any easier.


joyceetta said...

Regarding the Santorum thing: right on Sister!
I live in Iowa and am so happy the circus has moved on!

Deb said...

Live and let live, I always say. If you are kind to people and respect animals you are alright with me. I love those place-mats. The soft colours are pretty. Looks like Next has been through a winter already outside. He had lost the tip of his ear, I see from frost-bite. That had to hurt. Do you have cold weather right now? If there is a shelter near by I wonder if he would be better to go there and at least be seen by someone who may fall in love with him. I know it's not easy to take them to one but sometimes it works out for them. A 'no kill' shelter is what I'd be looking for. Anyway, good luck with him. He reminds me of Hugo, my daughter's cat, who just went back to her after living with us for 6 months. I love those big tabby boys. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Very nice photos today. I like the one of Next walking along the sidewalk, and the one of the trail in front of you.

Controlling our country to a narrow set of values is the plan of some. I hope this country doesn't tilt toward the hard line conservatives.

Karen Anne said...

Next is wonderful.

It perplexes me why, in a country of 300 million people, we wind up with the dregs running for office. I suppose because it costs so much to run.

Valerie said... your neighbor as yourself. Just make sure neighbors are not: gay, a gynecologist, a couple who are not married for their own private reasons.....or different from you in any way.

I see your January weather is as unusually mild as that we are having in the midwest. Lovely, sunny pictures today, Hilary. Best of luck with Next. He looks like a sweety.

Hilary said...

That kind of thinking boggles my mind. It's so 5 decades ago.

Cindie said...
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claudia said...

Next is such a handsome fellow. Now you've got me wishing I was closer so I could take him in and cuddle with him.
I have to agree with you. If no one steps on my toes on purpose, I have NO problem with them what-so-ever. I wish the politicians would concentrate on what is really in need of fixing.
The placemats are so pretty.
I'm still enjoying my Sweet Bottom mat! It makes me smile everytime I walk into my Loom Room!

Anonymous said...

It is a relief to those of us that do not live in your country to see that there are some people that do not follow these crazy ideals that the politicians seem to be spewing on the nightly news.

Frankly, the rest of the world is scratching it's head wondering what the HECK?

Sharon said...

As for rant, I'll match you rant for rant. All those nut jobs in this dog and pony show were to make Mitt look good, since he has never looked good to anyone before now. Keep in mind that he is a Mormon bishop and that Carl Rove is now managing his campaign. You need to pay attention to the news now, more than ever.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's fair to lump Polygamy with Pedophilia and Bestiality. Seriously? It's not for me to share a husband with a bunch of other women, but if they pay their way, then I'm not really willing to condemn a lifestyle that has been established for thousands of years amongst consenting adults, in many religions and cultures, sans Warren Jeffs and his group of wackos.

And, I don't see Santorum wanting to outlaw birth control as much as ending taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood and Title X programs ( my own congressman Dennis Rehberg supports the same.) I don't have a problem with people using birth control, but quite frankly, I don't want to pay for it, particularly when I am responsible enough for my own sexual reproduction and health to take care of mine and not expect anyone else to, **shrug** The poor women and teenage girl argument is totally lost on me as well. Slap your legs shut!! And make baby-daddies PAY for's not that hard.

An overhaul of the foster-care and adoption process is much needed as well.

I'm not ashamed to say I am an opponent of abortion on demand and that I believe there needs to be limits (abortion legal for an unborn child who can live on his or her own outside the womb? Sorry, I find that heinous.) However, I do think either side expecting they can have it 100% their way, is unrealistic. There is middle ground, but both sides have to compromise in some way. And I'm sorry, I don't want my tax money going for anyone's abortion for any reason. In my mind, I'm not helping end the life of another human being who has no say in the matter. And fine, if the choice is someone aborting their kid or me adopting, bring 'em over. I'll put my money where my mouth is in THAT sense.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Mitt Romney, but I'll vote for him over Obama ANY day.

Sad thing is that for most of my adult life, I've voted for the Presidential candidate that I could put up with better than the other one.

How sad is that?

CathyD. said...

Just had to say to Montana Wildflower that it wouldn't bother me so much that health insurance doesn't cover birth control, if it DIDN'T cover all those little blue pills the guys are swallowing. That just doesn't seem fair somehow. You don't suppose it has anything to do with the fact that the majority of the lawmakers, the lobbyists and the pharmaceutical execs are men, do you.

Jill of All Trades said...

I am so with your rant.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you, Hillary for speaking out, there are some things which must
not only be said, but not tolerated, if they involve someone- Anyone-
not having they same Rights and Freedoms we sooo take for granted.

Karen said...

Hilary, I, too am appalled at his stance on these subjects. He is Opus Di Catholic... how can anyone in this day and age be anti-birth control. Seriously? And his stance on gays is scarey. I know there are still many out there, but I don't think they have any place in office where they can wreak real havoc. I actually liked him ALOT until I learned the rest.

I'm no fan of Mitt's either but jeez, our choices are... sad. I had hopes for this last one, I did.

Bravo, Hilary, I'm with you on this all the way and these things NEED TO BE SAID. People need to wake up and pay attention and VOTE.

Karen said...

And what I mean by "still many out there"... is.. people who are so self-righteous and quick to condemn and believe their way of living is THE way.

Anonymous said...

CathyD, I agree. At the same time, after I had my 5th kid, my now ex husband wanted a vasectomy and our insurance wouldn't pay for it, we paid for it out of pocket, but they would pay 100% for me to get my tubes tied. In my mind, it was okay with them to pay for mutilating women, but not ok for them to pay for men to be mutilated.

But I agree. If men want to get it up, they should have to pay for that as well. And I can't imagine Viagra/Cialis/et al costing any more than The Pill. And good Lord, free samples are abundant. On a side note, it does amuse me some that the US uses Viagra as an incentive to get information from informants in many tribes around the middle east. That should say something about the importance to men about 'getting it up.' Liquor is also one that's used.

AS far as homosexuality, I'm of the opinion consenting adults can do what they want. I don't think homosexuals should be denied ANY rights as human beings and I am appalled over hateful behavior to anyone. That said, I am against homosexual marriage, not necessarily because I want to deny anyone their civil rights; personally, I don't think marriage is a civil right, I think it's a privledge for the simple reason that rights generally don't require another person in order to exercise them fully. In this vein, neither is parenthood a right.

We/our government, deny marriage to brothers and sisters and a parent and child, even when they are not genetically related through adoption. We don't legally allow polygamy or marriage where one person is below the age of consent, although these are allowed in other societies. So we already limit marriage between certain individuals.

My objection to homosexual marriage has more to do with...what's in it for me as a member of society? Marriage, between a man and a woman, and the government's sanction of it, has more to do with investing in our future, the creation of a future taxbase, ie: children'a and creating a financially stable family unit. Investing in people who are going to procreate makes sense from a government perspective and that is what a married one man, one woman relationship theoretically brings to the table.

The question that I have that no one has yet been able to answer is, what does the government sanctioning a homosexual marriage bring to the table? Sure, there are tax bennies and employment bennies these couples benefit from, but what are these couples offering in return for these? The idea that it's the "right thing to do" doesn't really ring my bell.

Anonymous said...

And, I'm not a Santorum fan. I'm actually seriously looking at Newt. Before that, it was The Hermanator. I sympathize with Santorum over the vitriol he is now experiencing from the press, particularly the pot shots over how he and his wife brought home their newly passed away child for their older children to see and relate to. As a parent who lost an infant, I completely understand what the Santorums were doing and I find the negativity over it, totally uncalled for.

I'm not crazy about Newt, but he brings a lot of experience in foreign policy and domestic policy and he knows how to lead, which will be a refreshing change over the last 4 years. I also believe that Newt, for all his faults, loves and is proud of our country, something which is sorely lacking in the present Administration.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Hilary. I love politics and I could talk it all day and night long if anyone let me. If I had the last 25 years to do over, I'd have studied history and political science in college, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh...and CATHYD- Do you remember how the FDA fast tracked Viagra? I think that was the fastest drug approval I have ever seen.

Hilary said...

"Marriage, between a man and a woman, and the government's sanction of it, has more to do with investing in our future, the creation of a future taxbase, ie: children'a and creating a financially stable family unit. Investing in people who are going to procreate makes sense from a government perspective and that is what a married one man, one woman relationship theoretically brings to the table."

I'm 56 and my procreating days are long behind me. Should I not be allowed to marry simply for love and commitment?

Karen said...

No offense intended here, but I'm a bit floored by that opinion as well, and it's why I came back to read more of this thread...

So I suppose if a man and woman are in love and want to share their life together but can't have children and will never make much money that they could churn back out to society and the government... they shouldn't marry either? I'd like to point out that there are many gay couples that are raising beautiful children who are proving now as time goes on to grow into beautiful people. Perhaps doing a better job than some heterosexual couples I have met. They, too.. are "investing in our future". I don't see how you can say they aren't. I'm not gay and I can't say I understand the choices of another, however I'm pretty sure whatever your sexual inclinations are, you are born that way and you have a right to live your life as it comes naturally to you. It's not anyone's choice as to who you will love. The sanction of marriage is to love, honor and cherish... or whatever words you choose. I have never heard vows that included.. "I vow to invest in our future which includes building a future taxbase and we will create a stable, money -spending family unit that the government can be proud of." I know this sounds sarcastic but you don't see that this is what you're saying?

When I married, it was not for the purpose of bringing something to the government's table... the thought never crossed my mind and I don't think the government should be making this kind of decision for anyone.

Again.. no offense intended and I apologize if I have done so.

Daryl said...

Politics .. a dangerous subject .. a man like former Senator Santorum is scary ... to have such a narrow view of life is scary .. while I dont vote Repug I do think Mitt might actually get the nomination .. winning is an entirely different situation .. but hey he's got the 'Maverick' backing him ....

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh sweetie, a good 'rant' every now and again is good for the soul!

Now, don't hold back...just tell us how ya really feel.

What a wonderful fluffy kitty!!!

Your placemats look wonderful. Great job.

God bless ya and have yourself an awesome week sweetie!!! :o)

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Boy Miss Hilary, you've done it this time!!!! Interesting comments.... I have a totally different perspective on Marriage Equality. My partner and I have been together in a committed relationship for 14 + years. We have never wanted to walk down the aisle of a church and be married. The religious aspect of "marriage" in my view is between a man, a woman and God, and that is where so many people get "hung up" on this topic. However, I would like our union as a gay couple to be recognized by the government so that we have the same rights as a heterosexual couple.

True 2007, my partner had a major surgery after falling into a window and cutting several tendons and arteries. Complicated by a blood clot post surgery, he was in intensive care for a week! Fortunately the staff of the hospital was very accommodating to me and our families, recognizing our relationship. Legally, however, if my partner's family did not want me to visit or spend time with him, they could have restricted or prohibited me from being with him during his hospital stay. That is where things need to change in my perspective, the civil aspects of people in committed relationships. Our laws need to change, not our religious views or beliefs. We were both raised in very religious households, and the God that I believe in and know in my heart loves me for the person I am, not the person I love!

Oh, and by the way, most of the heterosexual marriages these days are not living up to what they should be anyhow. I'm sure a few gay couples getting "married" isn't going to effect the heterosexual poor track record!

I shall now step down from my soapbox.... feel free to discuss!


Anonymous said...

It makes life so much easier if we just open up and let our surroundings please us. :-))

Anonymous said...

I said, "theoretically." Obviously not everyone is going to have children and no one says they have to. People obviously marry for many different reasons...some for love...some for financial support....some even to connect two families in the interest of the wealth of those families. I really don't know of anyone in this hemisphere who married for God and country.

What I am saying is that the government's interest in marriage has to do with encouraging the creation of future taxpayers and that's pretty much it. It's about money. And there are those in government who will give a smooth line all about civil rights, tell people what they want to hear, and then turn right around and do the opposite or not give the issue any press when the microphone isn't shoved into their face. I think to ignore that is to ignore the heart of the matter in that sense.

Two Guys And a Loom- YES!!! It DOES need to change in that aspect!!! I'd like to think that that is happening more often than not now. I cannot imagine how terrible that would have been had his family decided that. I don't know if marriage is the best way to remedy that,tho, in a legal sense. At the same time, I really disagree with the default latitude husbands and wives are given within a marriage to make end of life decisions and such. I mean, I trust MY spouse to do right by me, but I sure as hell wouldn't have trusted my first husband!

Perhaps the government was wrong in sanctioning marriage at all. Perhaps sanctioning is designed to just complicate the tax code even further and make us fight amongst ourselves over the unfairness of one group over the other, so we are paying less attention to the other stuff that is going on.

Flat tax for everyone and put a bunch of accountants out of a job! THAT'S the answer.

Undoubtedly, I've now offended accountants.

Mark said...

A little bird told me to come on over here. Sorry that I missed this in the first place but I don't usually blog over the weekend.
I read the post and I read all of the comments. I love the participation and I thank you for letting everyone speak their minds.
I actually could write a book on Marriage Equality and Civil Rights. But you've heard it all before. Instead of preaching, I invite you all to visit my blog and see what almost 22 years of love and commitment has created. Struggling to stay together has been a challenge. Adopting four children has been a challenge. Living everyday, like everyone, is a challenge.
Obviously, I favor Marriage Equality. However, I think by just living a good life and allowing you all and others to see us daily, might change a lot of minds. I won't force it upon you.
Once again, we have four beautiful children who we adopted. We didn't create them. They were born out of "less than ideal" heterosexual relationships. We are the essence of Planned Parenthood. Had these children remained where they were born, only God knows what would have happened to them. But we intend to nurture what's good in them and you will one day see some beautiful adult human beings. Successful people who were raised by gay men.
Like Santorum and Gingrich, I am Republican and Catholic. I just happen to be a Gay one. Oddly enough, we pray to the same God.
There are God's laws and then there are Man's laws. Federal recognition of marriage is one of Man's Laws. Meaning, it can grow and change. God's Laws never change. I've never challenged God's Laws. But I intend to challenge our Government.
Hilary, I apologize for going on an on like that. It was never my intention. And I don't usually "plug" my blog on other blogs but in this case, I want to invite people, even those who haven't commented, to see that we are not different from them. I welcome them with open arms.
I am not Political either. But sadly, I have been backed into a wall over the years. My post tomorrow or on Thursday will explain everything.
Your Friend, m.

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