Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Chowda

I just love saying that.  Chowda.

Today was a balmy zero here in upstate New Yawk.   A tad chilly for me.
I went to the studio to process an order, and I am happy to say that someone bought ALL the close out first version Solmate sock rugs.  They are packed to go.  History as they say.
Now we can concentrate on the new Solmate sock rugs, the thinner Walking on Sunshine, and the thicker Chunky Solmate Sock rugs.
It will be a little less confusing for the customer, and besides, we like them better, and therefore we like weaving them better.

I had a yen to spend the afternoon at home, putzing around alone in my house.
Don't get me wrong, I love my mother, and having her live with us has gotten to be the norm.
But I think every woman loves to just do their own thing, uninterrupted, in their own kitchen.
And that's what I've been doing all afternoon.
After I hit the grocery store, I came home with a plan.
First, I made Broccoli, Red Pepper, Cheddar Chowda.

The recipe started out with one that Lois found online.  I had every intention of following it, until I poured the water that I cooked the broccoli in, down the sink.
I was supposed to save it.
That's what you get when you don't read the directions first.  I get myself into a lot of trouble that way.
So from there I decided I might as well wing it, since I screwed it up anyway.

Winging it can be good. 

My next venture was Cornbread muffins.  I used Bob's Red Mill Stone Ground, Whole Grain corn meal.....and I have to say, they are the best ones I have ever made.
LOVE them.  
I had to try one, with butter, of course.   

Would you like one??  They're still warm.

Then, since I already had a helluva mess going, I decided to make Farfalle with Sausage, Cannellini Beans, and Kale.  I can tell you that the 'chorizo' that I used is Smart Sausage, not real meat at all.  I can tell you that, because the KALE will turn off everyone in this house, but me.  So the Smart Sausage won't be an issue.

Recipes are on my new "Recipe" tab...above.

Now I am going to weave a little on my towel warp, the one I have at home.  Just a nice quiet day, staying warm.
DH took Roy for his walk, I declined.  

Mom, do I have to wear this????

He was reluctant to go out the door,  I watched them go and at first  they seemed to be going along good.

Then Roy stopped, and turned around, looking back at the house.

Can we go home????

It's cold out there.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

That is so cute. Maybe he just missed his mama. Or smelled all that good food.
I would love one of those warm muffins. I'll have butter too.

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Wish I had some of that chowder! Though it still hasn't gotten cold here in central VA yet.
And I love the colors in the mats from yesterdays post.... glorious!

MarthaVA said...

Yum! Luv cornbread muffins!
Poor Roy. He wanted his mommy and not to have to wear that coat. That look on his face - priceless.
Sounds like you really enjoyed your home time.

KarenInTheWoods said...

I laughed out loud till tears came in the eyes seeing Roy and that "look"


Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Life Looms Large said...

Bailey did that exact same thing today! It is cold!!!!

Your food looks fantastic!!!


cobaltandindigo (Molly) said...

The chowder looks amazing, and I can almost taste the corn muffins. We love Bob's Red Mill stuff at our house, too. It's really nice to support an employee owned company here in the USA.
Hooray for the recipe tab, and for a relaxing day warm inside your own home. Roy looks adorable in his personalized coat!

Deb said...

He missed his pack member. :)

Sharon said...

My Eddie is your Sam. It's so frustrating to commit to walk and if conditions aren't right, realize that your companion really isn't into it. It's been cold here too. It was 7 degrees yesterday when I left for town. At least you've gotten some precipitation!

Lili said...

Awww... Roy's tootsies were probably freezing. I am salivating over everything on your menu today. Going to check out that chowdah! ~Lili

Two Guys and a Loom said...

That chowder looks fabulous, and thanks for having a "recipe tab"!!!! I spent 15 minutes or so yesterday searching for your leek and potatoe soup. Found it and it turned out great!!!! I'm like you, I find myself not always following recipes to the "T".

Karen said...

Love your new recipe tab. and that Chowda! Yum!...

That's some coat you've got there for Roy. My dogs won't MOVE once I put their clothes on, except for Ben, who welcomes the warmth.

Anonymous said...

Yum yum...perfect on a cold homemade soup/chowda and a fresh bread of some kind.

I can never get my corn bread to be very fact, bread of any kind is just not my forte.' I have found that if I add a can of hominy to my corn bread batter mix, it makes a world of difference. Nice and moist.

It's a trick Rick taught me.

Country Girl said...

You always make the best food. You really do.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts