Friday, November 4, 2011

Update, blah, blah.

Still hanging on here........
Trying not to whine, or cry out loud.
Doing what I can do.
Thanks to Karen for the book suggestion.  I immediately downloaded The Kitchen House to my Kindle, and for the last three nights, it has helped take my mind off other aggravations.

Sometimes things aren't so easy.  Life could be better.  Answers could come quicker
You lose your groove.

Yup, the headache continues.  And the doctor's office called to tell me my sinus xrays are normal.
You don't really want to hear my reaction to that, do you?
I am taking all advice.   I have an appointment with an ENT on the 14th, that was the earliest I could get in.
I am going to finish the medicine I have been prescribed. I am not at all sure why.
 Must be the nurse in me.
I have used the Neti pot all week, and it was pretty easy.  Tonight I used it, and the pain on both sides of my head was excruciating, so maybe we will be taking a break from that.

All in all, I am doing this ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Sydney says:
Sounds like a plan.

You're a pip, Syd.


Marsel said...

Sorry you're still feeling frustrating.

Sydney's eyes look bluish in those pictures -- pretty. She's so photogenic!

Deb said...

Aw, even with your headache you can still take the most gorgeous photos. I wish I had an answer for you. Hope you find it soon. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Lona said...

Oh dear. Hoping you get to the bottom of this WAY sooner than the 14th. Call them back on Monday, and get on their cancellation list.

claudia said...

I'm praying that this will all be gone sooner than the 14th! Hang in there!

Hilary said...

Ugh.. I hate this for you. Sumatriptan? Chiro? Acupuncture? Massage? Ice packs? Heat? And all those other things I mentioned in an email?

I really hope you get to the bottom of this soon.. and feel much better.

That cat is so gorgeous.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Beautiful photos of your kitty. I hope your doctors figure this out and you get past the headaches soon.

Sue said...

Pain sucks! I'm in the middle of dealing with low back/hip pain and it pretty much controls my life these days. Hard to be creative and productive when all you want to do is curl up in a ball. You are actually doing a great job keeping going, and it's ok to whinge a little. We can take it, especially when you include so many beautiful pictures. Hope you find release soon!

Country Girl said...

My heart is breaking here. Has an MRI been ordered? This is just wrong.

Delighted Hands said...

Hope you get relief soon; I am afraid that it might be the kind of virus you have-I spent the whole month of Sept and then some with the excruciating headache-even had the xrays (normal, too) did the antibiotics and steroid thing-the only real cure....time. Sorry you are down with this-I said I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Jmho but netti pots needed to stay in the spanish inquisition!)

linda said...

Darn, sorry to hear that the headache is s.t.i.l.l. there.

My mom's famous motto "I haven't got time to be sick!" Grrrr!

Gayle said...

Gawjus, gawjus kitty! Wow.
I so hope you find relief. Sending hugs, prayers and good healing wishes. I love, LOVE your blog!

moosecraft said...

I thought the prednisone really would do the trick.... though, sorry it hasn't... how about maybe it being a tension headache? I used to get bad headaches from working on a computer all day... the muscles in my neck and shoulders would get so tight they would pinch nerves... maybe you need some warm moist heat wraps, a massage and a chiropractor?

Karen said...

Hilary, althought I don't get infections, my sinuses are cronicly (sp?) not happy... and sometimes those headaches can make you feel downright sick. I've been told it's the inflamation in the sinus tissues from allergies, even though I don't get a stuffy nose or sneeze much. This time of year with the moldy leaves on the ground can be brutal. For weeks. Allergy meds dont' always do the trick either. Can be very frustrating and you might find this is the cause of headaches. I have found Advil cold and sinus eases it up some. Also, Eucalyptus oil in steaming hot water, with your head over, breathing it in helps. Also, from the frustration of the headache, the jaw is clenched, sometimes when you sleep at night, and it causes the temples to be VERY sore or headachy. It's a circle jerk, for sure.. hope you get relief.

Karen said...

oh, and yes to the tension headaches, which I have also gotten!!! what moosecraft said above is true!

MarthaVA said...

UGH! So sorry you're still not feeling well. I agree with above about an MRI - for SURE!
Hope that you get relief soon.
Sydney is adorable and obviously loves the cushions. Can't blame her.
Healing thoughts.....

spindrift,maine said...

I used to be plagued with migraine several times a month--I can't imagine a headache for weeks! I hate it when the doc says, "Hmm. maybe you have X. Let's do a workup on that"--and then they simply call back and say, "the workup showed you have no X." As if you are supposed to be well at that point, or maybe as if they are no longer invested in a solution with their one idea shot down.. AAArgh! Rest. No bright lights. Knock off the coffee. Cold washcloths over the eyes were better than heat for me.... You've probably tried all that. I'm with Kate. CT or MRI time, maybe?

Sharon said...

You have my sympathy. At the height of CFS, I had migraines three times a week. I was at the end of my rope and then along came Imitrix. I sometimes forget about sitting up at night, tears dripping from my chin, waiting for the pain to lessen. I hope you will soon also be able to forget about your headaches too. They're evil.

Rebecca2 said...

For me, chiropractic works. Also, homeopathy. For tension headaches I use Hyland's "Nerve Tonics" or Bach's "Rescue Remedy." Both are homeopathic.

The pain from the Neti Pot treatment probably means the solution got clear up inside the sinuses. This SHOULD end up being a positive sign that the sinuses are clearing.

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Because every thread counts