Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I aspire to it.
I am so envious of people who are REALLY computer savvy.
Although I will admit that I try.  My kids laugh at my nerdiness......I think they expect someone my age to be resistant to technology, not smitten with it.

I wanted a wireless credit card machine, until I called the bank, and found out that they cost around $800.
I crossed that off my list.  But I still figured that there was  another way.  So I googled.

And I found SQUARE, a different way to process credit cards.  And all I needed was a new phone.
Well, THAT was easy, since I have been lusting after the new Iphone, ANYWAY.

So off I went to the Verizon store, and ordered up my new Iphone 4S.
Which came in the mail.  I got it in white.

I downloaded the app for Square in about 3 minutes.

Square was free to sign up for, and they sent me the attachment that I needed, for NADA.

The attachment plugs in to the top of your phone, and you swipe the credit card through it.

Once you've swiped the card, the screen asks for the amount, and gives you a place to sign it, with your finger.
Once the sale is complete, it asks you if you want a receipt texted to your phone, or emailed to you.
You get to put in the cell phone number,  or your email address.
We have taken a test drive with it, and the receipt comes to you almost immediately.  The money is deposited into my business account, and they charge 2.75% for each swipe.  There are no other fees.

I LOVE IT.  Easy, and problem solved.  No more keying in credit card sales the day after a show, wondering if all the cards were valid.  They usually are, but it is nice to know up front.

I have had a few cell phones, but this is my fave.  I love this new Iphone.  It is the easiest one I have ever used.
NOW if I could only get my Icloud to work.
Guess I will have to wait for my 14 year old grandson to figure it out for me.

Just in case you thought I knew it all.


Country Girl said...

You are a total geek. And I am totally impressed. Bravo, girl!

Teri said...

I'll be getting that phone soon, almost bought it before I left IL, but I ran out of time.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I got my Droid just before Verizon got the iPhone. That will be my next one. I can't run the Cloud because I have to upgrade to Lion first. Too many things to do!!!! LOL. I got my new camera today so I'll be off and running with that tomorrow after I ride my horse.
Good deal with the credit card app. I thought it said 275% and wondered why that was a good deal:-)

Corie said...

Hilary when you run the card is it over wifi or can you use 3G. Just wondering how much data will be eaten up when you take it to shows? If you have an unlimited data plan then I guess your all set. The only other problem is making sure you have wifi or a good 3G connection wherever you go.


Hilary said...

Now that's cool.. and you are indeed a geek. Hopefully a geek without a headache.

Sue said...

Love the Square! I have it on my android phone, and it definately increased my sales at the first show I went to after I got my reader. So nice to be able to see someone counting their pennies to see if they can get something and say "I can take a card". And I love not having a monthly fee to use it, since I only need it a couple of times a year (at least until my sales pick up hopefully). Best thing ever for us small business people!

Anonymous said...

Such a cool gadget! I'm constantly amazed by all of the new technology these days. I wish I was a true geek, too!

Tiggeriffic said...

My daughter is a massage therapist and she has this amazing new thing that you have for credit cards.. Of course she has the new fangled phone to make it all work.. I love technology and I try and keep up with all that it has to offer. I'm now 67 and barely keeping up..but I manage to stay afloat.
Glad your headache is better. Have a tiggeriffic day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

spindrift,maine said...

How's your head today, Hilary? This afternoon I got my new Kindle Touch in the mail. New gadgetry! Fun toys--and useful ones, too. I can no longer hold fat books in bed, due to my swollen, arthritic digits. Is there any other place to read books than in bed? Hope you are feeling better, still.

Anonymous said...

You might need to upgrade your computer OS - if you have a mac the new Lion syncs all the cloud with calendar/phone/computer etc. Yep - I might know this but DH still won't let me buy an iphone nor can upgrade my ancient mac!!!!! (but my teenage daughter already has it all - go figure!)

claudia w said...

Wow! Way cool!

Karen said...

This summer I was at a horse show and bought something at a trailer "shop". I was amazed whent he phone took my credit card and swiped it ON HER PHONE!!!... sooo cool.

I have the Iphone 3 and I LOVE IT beyond reasonableness.

Dianne said...

how cool are you :)

thanks for your visit

Karen Anne said...

Am I the only one annoyed that younger people seem to think anyone over fifty is technology clueless :-) Esp. when, like me, I was programming computers before their parents were born.

Two Guys and a Loom said...

The "square" is the best.... Chris uses it in his business on a daily basis. Makes billing and receivables so much faster! He can bill and collect on the spot.

Daryl said...

I'll happily help with iCloud ... first step is to set up the iCloud acct. Its free. HOWEVER if you have more than 5Gigs of info/stuff to store on the Cloud it costs a few bucks a year. I assume you have an iMac or MacBook .. just go to the iCloud settings on all your devices and turn on what you want stored .. right now they are only synching the dotMe emails, contacts, calendar and iWork BUT many apps (and notes) automatically synch wirelessly... loving it!

Cait Throop said...

OMG I hate entering the credit cards the day after...I HAVE to get a square (and a new phone! HA!) Love this!!!

linda said...

How cool are you????

P.S. those fourteen year olds can come in handy :)

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

I've had a 3 year love affair with my different iphones. Can't imagine how disorganized I'd be without mine.
Wish I could do icloud, but I need to buy new software for my mac and that isn't happening anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!!! I might have to think about one of t
those myself.

Barb Fessler

Sharon said...

We both got iPhones in June. I'm not a geek and smart phones were over my head. You don't have to be a Geek to enjoy the iPhone. You just have to use it. I was stunned - there was no learning curve. I'm a convert.

Sojourner Design said...

I got my Square set up in time for the Fiber Fest of New England. I use it with my iPad v 2; there are actually additional features available with the iPad. It's great! Some cards need to be swiped a few times before they go through but other than that it's a wonderful solution to the customer who wants to buy but has spent all her cash!


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