Saturday, November 26, 2011


I love your comments.   They make me smile, sometimes laugh out loud.  Sometimes your concern brings a tear to my eye.  It never fails to amaze me, how many friends I have made since I started this blog four years ago.      
( although the first year I am pretty sure I was talking to myself)

How to define 'friend'?
We think we know, and then out of the blue, you find out that there are all kinds of friends, people who send  you good energy when you need it, people you have never met.

Years ago, when I first started weaving, and needed help, I turned to the internet.  There were no weavers to go to locally, so I started asking questions on an online forum.  That's where I met Shirley, a weaver all her life, who was old enough to be my mother.   It started out with sporadic emails, but soon we were in touch almost every day, by email, and sometimes by phone.  She was a 'character'.....that's for sure.  Her best friends called her Flossie, and I soon became one of them.
 She was full of information, which she freely shared, and she never minded my endless questions.  Eventually, when DH and I went to Tennessee to visit his son, we made a side trip to meet her.
We hit it off in person, just like we had online.  She felt like someone I had known my whole life.
The next year, she came to New York, and stayed for a week.  She loved the studio, and we did a lot of weaving, and a lot of laughing.
When she died a few years ago, I grieved for her.   And I missed her.  Some days, I feel her hovering around, and I say her name out loud.  I tell her that I wish she hadn't gone so soon.  And I weave knowing that she helped me get to where I am.

Another friend, and mentor to this day, was also met online.  Chris, of Homestead Weaver answered my many questions in the beginning, and still answers them to this day.  She is a better weaver than I,  and knows more than I will probably ever know.  And we've become good friends.  I have enormous respect for her, and I am grateful for everything she has taught me.
When someone out of the blue emails or calls to pick my brain about weaving, I pay it forward every time.
Friends.  Yup, you just never know where they are coming from.  You just got to have gratitude.

Today L and I took one of my Union Customs apart, and loaded it into the back of my car.  I drove it through the countryside, to my friend's house.  She has a small studio that sits out in her yard, and has wanted a loom for a long time.
It seemed a simple equation.  I have too many looms....yes, I really said that.  And she wanted JUST ONE.
I will go over soon to help her put a warp on it.

Every now and then, I stopped to take a picture that called out to me.

It wasn't a good day, headache wise.   I decided to swear a whole bunch to myself, and keep on keeping on.
I have to get through the weekend, and Monday morning I will be sitting in the waiting room of dear doctor..........uh, results???

I am pleased to have the living room of the studio somewhat uncluttered.   Not sure if it is feng shui or what........but it feels so good.
I am aiming to un-clutter the studio, then my home, and ultimately my life.

As soon as I get rid of the monster behind my eyes.


LA said...

There is so much positive energy coming your way from all over the globe, I'm surprised your headache is still there. I'm just glad you have shared your weaving with all of us out here in blog land.

MarthaVA said...

I hope the monster behind your eyes soon finds it's way out of there!!!! You don't deserve the pain or loss of time it is causing you. You're so strong to keep on keeping on. (((HUGS)))
Beautiful photos.
How great of you to share your wealth (and loom) with your friend who just wants to weave. I hope she enjoys it!
LUV the yarns......what a nice stash!
Funny you should say you are wanting to organize your life, studio, home, etc. I have the same goal in mind. I'm a bit of a junkie - hoarder? Not where I have newspapers or other stuff stacked to the ceilings, but I hate to get rid of the things I "might" use one day....and I hate throwing things them to the donation centers is easier....but still difficult for me. My goal for getting into 2012 is to have a simpler life, simpler more organized spaces, and hopefully, simplifying and organizing my head! Too much clutter = too much nothing happening due to feeling overwhelmed.
Oh wait - more (((HUGS))) for you! :-)
Can't wait to hear what happens on Monday. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to hear some good news today about the MRI, but I suppose being Saturday, well.... you, I, all of us will just have to wait until Monday.

If I lived closer and had the arm strength and stamina for it, I too would want to learn to weave from you.

Your place never looks cluttered in your photos. Speaking of clutters... I STILL have closets to get to and clean out. Purchases from throughout the years, money that would have better been spent elsewhere. Goodwill Store, here I come.

*tapping foot and waiting for Monday*

Teri said...

Uncluttering is good, I have been living in my 24' motorhome for about 3 weeks now. It's raining today, so I am uncluttering, I took too much stuff from my house. What do I need 4 large and 4 small dinner plates for??? Sorry to hear that the headaches have not gone away yet.

Country Girl said...

You never stop amazing me. With all that pain and you're still paying it forward . . . you're a better man than me, Gunga Din.


Gayle said...

Hang in there Babycakes. Soon you will be on the mend. Prayers and good healing wishes.

claudia w said...

I'm sending you a big jar of Monster-Be-Gone. Along with my prayers and good wishes.
That is so nice of you to pay it forward. Your friend is lucky to have you in her life.
I will be thinking about you tomorrow, but especially Monday!

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

Clutter? It looks beautifully organized, colorful and comfortable to me!

Like many others, I'm hoping that your MRI brings you an answer as to why you've been feeling so bad. I'm awed at how you keep pushing on.... I'd probably be in bed with the covers over my head.


Cupcake Murphy said...

I will be sending out the most healing healthy thoughts in the world on Monday and they will have your name written on them.

Evelyn said...

I hope your results are good ones, take care thinking of you

Chris Gustin said...

So sorry to read that you are still battling the headache from hell ... call me tomorrow if you feel like it. Our shows are finally over for the year!
Thanks for your kind words ... I value your friendship more than you know.

Joanna said...

You have more friends than you can imagine out here in cyberland where it is often cold, confusing, and lonely. Lots of us have been cheered by your humor, strengthened by your endurance, and warmed by your love of your family (including Sydney, Roy-boy, and the others), and patent enjoyment of what you do. So, Friend, I'll hold you in the Light. Here's to better times!

Corie said...

Even tho I don't weave yet...your studio is one of my happy places:)

I hope the Dr. has encouraging news for you and that you can finally find some peace.


Karen said...

Sending good vibes your way today -

Love that shot of the chairs in your studio. It's frame-worthy!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck today....thinking about you here in Montana.

Daryl said...

Blogging is an amazing way to make new friends .. friends you finally meet but you've known forever or so it seems ..

Acorn to Oak said...

I hope you're feeling better. I can imagine it would be hard to stay away from that bright, colorful, cheerful, amazing studio that you have. It looks like such a wonderful place to spend time.

I agree, there are some pretty cool people in blogland. :-)

Thanks for always sharing your feelings, life, weaving, and beautiful photos. Your blog is a nice place to visit. :-)

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts