Sunday, November 13, 2011

Keepin' on.

By this afternoon, the headache had me firmly in its grip, so I hit the couch.
I had company.
I always have company.
Do I bless the day this boy came into my life???
You bet I do.
Let's hear it for dog rescues.  You think you are rescuing the dog, but the truth is somewhat different.

He sure knows how to get comfortable.  And that's a fact.

I will be calling to schedule my MRI first thing tomorrow morning.  This is just plain ridiculous.

After a little rest, I pushed myself out the door.  I figured a little fresh air wouldn't hurt me, and my head will ache either way, prone or upright.
So let's do it.

I am happy if I can inspire you all to get moving, if you need to.
I figure if I can walk 20 miles a week, at age 64, then there is a good chance that when I hit the BIG SEVEN-O, I will still be making some effort.
My inspiration is watching my mother, who has never, ever tried to keep moving.  She gardened, but anything that smacked of aerobic activity was pretty much a no go for her.  Unfortunately, there is arthritis on both sides of my family tree.
She walks like Groucho Marx, most of the time.
When I chide her to please straighten up, she gives me that look that you see sometimes on an old person's face, you know the one.  Eyebrows raised, eyes glassy, the look that says, "Are you speaking English?"
But then she actually does straighten right up.  She CAN do it.  She just doesn't want to be bothered.
And because she is so sedentary, now she can barely walk any distance at all without a lot of pain.
I gave up long ago ranting about how arthritis pain gets BETTER with activity.  She doesn't believe me.

The important thing is, for me, that I believe it.  I know it's true.  The more I move, the better it feels.
So I fully intend to keep on doing it.
The November light is different, but it was incredibly warm, and a lovely day to walk.

Roy is my walking partner,   like Eddie was, and there will be others.  There will always be a walking dog in my life.

I will rescue them.

And they will rescue me.

We will walk along the Hudson River,  and watch the sunlight fade.
And it will be an incredible trade off.
Just sayin'.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

It's good to have a best friend to walk with. Roy is such a dear.

Deb said...

You wrote that so beautifully. I could not imagine my life without my rescues. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

(GBS) NewsFromTheHill said...

I've been behind in my blog reading (again!) and was hoping that you were feeling better and had finally gotten a "cure".... hopefully the MRI will give you some answers.
That Roy is an angel in a dog suit!

pwofford said...

I opened this post hoping to see that you had finally put your headache behind you. So sorry you're still hurting! But I really, really admire you for pushing through your pain to go for a walk. I'm a cat person (dogs are so needy!), but there's something to be said for having a walking companion every day. Good luck on your pursuit for relief.

Donna S. said...

What a pair on that couch. I had to put my little guy down about 3 weeks ago & I miss him soo much. Man, I hope those headaches give you a break!!

claudia w said...

Let's pray for a good solid answer from that MRI. One that has a quick solution to it.

Unknown said...

Oh I hope they figure this out so you can get some relief. It's hard to function when your head feels likes it's going to explode.

Karen Anne said...

Is that lovely stretch of water a canal?

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot. I was hoping the meds would have gotten you over this headache. Let's hope that MRI gives you better results. Love that Roy Boy of yours!

Carol said...

Hillary, an absolutely beautiful, soulful post. The image of Roy's leg on yours...the words...a lot there, much to think about...thank you for sharing it all. Definitely agree on the keep moving mantra. I hear people our age starting to say they are not able to do this or that because of their age or whatever and I want to shake them and tell them no, no, no...keep going. I so hope that you get some much needed answers and relief soon...praying for you.

Daryl said...

It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise and I agree, for what thats worth, walking is the best medicine and doing it makes you feel better .. even stubborn ToonMan has come to believe. Glad to hear you are scheduling the MRI, I hope you get relief soon

Karen said...

i took that walk yesterday, Hilary, and I slept so much better last night. Going to do it again today.

PS. after that MRI that will most likely show nothing, I'm tellin ya - you've got a muscle tension headache. Cyclobenzaprine - and ice packs to the neck and shoulders. Even though that's not where the pain is.

Ruth Ann said...

Everything you said about moving at our age is true. We don't have a beautiful river to walk by, but, Libby, my KCC and I make about that distance in a week in our neighborhood. Hope all goes well and you find the reason you have been feeling so rotten. Love your posts with pictures of Roy.

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