Saturday, November 12, 2011

FB and food.

I swear there are days, when I am tempted to delete Facebook from my computer.  Yes, it does keep you in touch with people, and makes it easy to keep up with what is going on.  Yes, it is a great way to share pictures, and ideas, and energy.  But there is a LOT of not so great stuff passed around, and if you ask me, just plain STUPID stuff.
But there I go, being annoyed again.
Headache is better, but still present.  I am seeing improvement though, and I am heeding any and all advice about cooling my heels, and getting better.  Believe it....I am.

But back to FB.
There was this picture, of the President, and Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton.  The President does not have his hand over his heart, and the other two do.  The  mean and denigrating comments on FB were
aimed at this, saying that he refused to do it while the pledge of allegiance was being said.  The truth of the matter is HERE
They were actually singing the Star Spangled Banner at the time.
What the hell????  Are people so bored, that they have to FIND things to use against him???
And then take the time to put it on FB.  Really?

Grow up is what I want to scream.  Start by changing yourself.  Be a better person.  Work harder.  Be kinder. Stop bitching and finding fault, and be part of the solution, not the problem.

Then, someone posted a picture of a cemetery, a military one I am assuming, with an EAGLE sitting on a gravestone.  And then a million comments about how touching and meaningful it is.
I'm like.......what?   You really believe that an EAGLE came down and sat 2 feet off the ground, on a grave marker?  You don't have PHOTOSHOP where you live?  Do you live under a bucket????
How about the postings on FB to save a dog, or a cat, from a life of hell???

Whew.  I am exhausted.
I have to stay off FB for awhile.

Hey, maybe it's the headache. Or the prednisone.
Or maybe not.
I hope I didn't offend anyone with my rant.  But I feel better now.

I am eating everything in sight, thank you Mr. Prednisone.
But walking might keep me from blowing up like the Michelin man.
It was cold this morning, but lovely all the same.

I am listening, to all of you, and to this little voice in my head.
Ah, yes, secondary gain from what life delivers you.  Thank you, Spindrift.  You are so right on.
And little birds in Florida warning me about my 'risky behavior'.  Good friends tell you what you need to hear.

Today, walking along this very bike path, listening to James Taylor singing Walking Man, I thought that probably Roy saved my life 4 months ago.  Even though grief is what brought him into my life, losing my sweet Eddie, Roy has moved me to push myself out of my comfort zone.  Before he came along, I might have walked 2 miles a week accidentally, a long way from the miles I used to run 20 years ago.
But since June, we have logged in 20+ every single week since.  It has not only improved by endurance, and made me feel more comfortable in my own skin, but it has allowed me time to center, and focus.
Time to just be.  How often do we do that?

So between Sweet Boy Roy, and the October/November headache, I think I may rewrite the script a little.  Our life stories can be a lot like pizza.  Pepperoni and mushrooms can be a wonderful chapter, but if you never try that spinach, mushroom, pesto and fresh mozzarella side, well, might miss the best part, something phenomenal.

OMG, that is making me so hungry.


Valerie said...

Uhm....I was going to tell you that the last time I was on Prednizone it put me in touch with my "inner rage". On my follow up visit to the dr., he asked how things were going. My reply: "You told me that one side effect was mood should have warned my dh to hide all of the knives!"

So yep...I'd say that last two posts....there's some prednizone talking there :^)

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I've just finished a round of Prednisone, ate everything in sight, and cried at the drop of a hat...
I'm glad to read you are feeling some better, there does seem to be a n awful lot of sinus congestion going around, headaches and all.
Your walk along the river is just breathtakingly beautiful, and that pizza......well let's just say I wouldn't need a system full of Prednisone to scoff the whole thing :)
Hope you continue to improve !

Susan Harvey said...

I know that when I get a migraine headache, my coping levels drop to ZERO and everything sets me off. Perhaps once this situation of yours settles down, you will feel more your old self again?

I know that 'mature' women seem to find their voice and speak their minds more, so some of this frustration at other people's stupidity is well shared (by me for one!) I have noticed in the past few months that you do get upset about quite a bit! Granted, there is a lot going on to get upset about...
I know that I have been working out how to reduce the stress levels in my life and choosing my battles. When in doubt, go and weave!

How is your husband feeling now? I hope he's well recovered....

Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

We just returned home from a steak dinner.... now I sit here and look at your pizza and wish I had had that instead.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your "thoughts" are a sign you are starting to feel better! You are on the money! Love the Blog


Joy said...

ROFLOL...DOWN Hilary, EASY there girl!! that prednisone is amazing stuff!! Jealous of the mileage you and Roy-boy are go girl!!

spindrift,maine said...

Ah, yes--the Prednisone Fury! When I got bad poison ivy a few years ago, I could hardly step out of bed without someone making me mad with their Utterly Ridiculous Stupidity. I even got mad at myself. This too shall pass--although I think also that it's a plain miracle that we aren't all irritated to death with a lot of what poses as culture these days. Without steroids, we are just too civilized to realize that. You made me laugh out loud. Glad you are feeling better. Glad, too, that what I said was a help. ;o)

Cindie said...

...and that's just one of the many reasons I steer clear of facebook, just can't go there....

glad you're starting to feel better.

Karen Anne said...


Has any doctor put you on an actual pain med? I had a months long pain situation this summer, and had one about ten years ago.

In my experience, most doctors do not prescribe pain meds, I guess because they think we'll all turn into addicts. Meanwhile we're writhing around going nuts. If you don't have a pain med, I would suggest you talk to your doctor about using Vicodin carefully. You might find that half a tablet gives you blessed relief, and makes a huge difference while they figure out what is going on.

It might even be that the pain is feeding on itself, and if you can break that cycle things will get better.

Cait Throop said...

Totally agree with your rant, Hilary! And about being part of the solution instead of just complaining!!! And YES to pain meds...the Drs. need to realize that we are not all idiots and we will not all turn into addicts overnight! And FP? Yeah, sometimes I need to turn it off and not read anything!!! I envy you your lovely walking path. Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Facebook drives me insane! I am seriously thinking about shutting down my account. I only have it to keep an eye on my kids... but when I read what others post I start to wonder if there are any intelligent thoughts or moral boundaries left in society! It just makes me sad. Maybe we should start a movement. Close our accounts and write snail mail to the people we care most about keeping in touch with...
Any takers?
PS This is Devon... Google won't let me sign in.

Karen said...

You said it, Hilary! I am often flabbergasted at how much personal griping people do on FB too.. it's horrendous.

I'm taking me dog out for a walk right now, thanks for the kick in the rear to do so :-)

Deb said...

Give me that mushroom side any day. Hope that headache of your is over by the time you read this. I agree about FB. I only like it for the photos and can't believe what some people will write.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Wow what a great piece of writing! I feel exactly the same about FB. Love/Hate/Loathe/Hate/Grrrr--that's how I feel about FB. Thanks for writing about it and also for your pizza analogy and of course James.

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Because every thread counts