Monday, November 21, 2011


Before this disaster of a show, L and I were working hard to get lots of stock ready for it.
Sweet Bottoms chair pads were part of what we were working on.
We have a STACK of them.  So now, I can put them on my web site.
Somewhere off in the distance, I can hear that song playing, AAAAAAAT LASTTTTTTTT.
I know, I am a bit off my rocker.
It's ok.
I don't think it's terminal.

I do love these.  They make me smile.

I don't get sick of seeing them.
So that's why I'm posting pics of them again.
I know I risk boring you all, but I figure maybe all these vibrant colors might perk you up too.
That is, if your life is as boring as mine.

Don't get me wrong, boring is good.  I longed for boring, day to day, normal, all weekend.
And I have especially wanted normal since the beginning of the 'headache'.

To update the headache saga.......I am going to the chiropractor three times a week.
And today I got my new glasses........the headache is not gone, but it doesn't rule me.
As if it could, right?
Actually, yeah, it can.  And it does.
It's hell sometimes to be reminded of how fragile 'normal' really is.

Oh, yeah, these are Chunky Solmate Sock rugs, and they TOO will now be for sale on my web site, since we didn't sell even ONE at the Crap Craft Show.
I should have put a sign up,  "Made in China", I probably would have been overrun.

Today was crazy busy, sending out orders that came in over the weekend, putting all the product back on the shelves, catching up on paper work,  and taking delivery on 46 boxes of socks.

It was a wild day, but tomorrow is going to be peaceful.  We are going to weave, and take a huge deep breath.


Teri said...

Love your attitude, craft shows are difficult, I have done some in my lifetime. Hope your headaches go away soon.

Karen said...

I love those chunky rugs!...

Daryl said...

those colors are so cheerful, I suspect grinches shopped that crap/craft fair ..

claudia w said...

You learned something from the craft show so it wasn't a total wash.
I never get tired of looking at or sitting on my "Sweet Bottom". OMG...that sounds so different, when I read it back. But hey! I love it! It has to be Sweet Bottom makes me smile too!
Thanks for saying that about the new glasses. I need to go and get my eyes checked. I know I need new glasses and that is why I have headaches. Certainly not your brand of headache, but I'm taking chances I don't need to take. So thank you for your public service announcement!

Country Girl said...

Just popping by to say "hello".

Sharon said...

Not all craft fairs are created equal, but I agree with you in that the buyers are more often looking for China prices. I'm doing another one this weekend and then that's it for a while.

I'm sorry the headaches aren't gone yet. Soon.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts