Saturday, August 20, 2011

Update, and positive ions.

Just in case you were wondering.  Roy is the prince in this house.  He loves everybody, and everybody loves him.

When my middle daughter and granddaughter came to visit recently, he was quick to get all the attention he could.

He's a lover, that's what he is.

I am positive now that Eddie sent Roy, to ease the pain.  And that he does.   He is the sweetest boy ever. I can't believe that no one had snapped him up, just because he is SEVEN.
He is perfect, just the way he is.

Well, the OPEN HOUSE was quiet, much what I expected.  And that's OK.  The studio is clean, and looks great, and business is good.
I hate sitting around waiting for people to come anyhow.  Retail sucks that way.
I am so glad that retail walk in business is not what makes Crazy as a Loom sail.
Thank goodness.

I got some place mats done.  My inventory of them is down, so I need to keep working on them.

And I moved things around to suit myself, since I was pretty much the only one to please.

I love the sunlight in the studio.  I love the quiet.  There is incredible energy there.

And it's all good.

Speaking of good's a girl and her poppa.  Now tell me that's not pure good energy.


Hilary said...

Some beautiful, loving faces in these photos. Your heart must just burst sometimes.

Valerie said...

Glad things are feeling more positive. The studio looks so inviting.

Thought you would be interested in this bag handle idea I came across right after reading this post:
Woven-in Bag Handles at Loomy Tunes

Anonymous said...

I just love your studio. :-) Roy.... attaboy, Roy!

Teri said...

I used to talk to my husband about "positive ions" all the time - and he thought I was nuts.

Deb said...

Nice photos, Hilary. Your camera is doing its' job. :) That Roy is something else. I think he's a little brown angel. Sweet photo of your husband and grand-daughter. That is one for a frame. I would love to visit your studio (and maybe cat-sit if your were away) but it would be better if you were there to meet, too. It looks so peaceful there and the colours are amazing.

Rubye Jack said...

That last photo, it looks so secure and reassuring--grandchild with grandfather.
Not to say that Roy isn't adorable also.

Linda said...

Roy is a treasure, for sure!

Your studio looks wonderful. Such a cheery and inviting place to weave.

Country Girl said...

I love that you have Roy. And so much energy!

I use your placemats every day, too. The blue jean ones you sent. Love 'em.

Connie in Hartwood said...

No one adopted Roy because he was meant for YOU, silly. I love hearing the happiness in your voice (typing?) when you talk about Roy. We feel the same way about our Daniel. This is the way it's supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

Roy is a boy on a mission - to bring and receive love to you and yours. Love ya Roy boy!

Your studio is my dream, I love the house it is in (even the basement and most especially the barn).

hugs, Martha in Utah

Frank's Corner said...

Roy is a very handsome guy. I can see why you are in love with him! Those soft brown eyes melt your heart.

Sharon said...

I loved it all, but you could have just posted the last picture and you would have had me.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is absolutely adorable. Just Wow. :)

And does your daughter have soft spot for liberal rednecks, perchance?



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