Monday, August 22, 2011

The Furminator.

One thing is true.  The internet is amazing.
We all know that.
Last night I sent out my newsletter, and featured a sale on the Solmate sock rugs.  So today, I was busy boxing them up, and doing the paperwork, shipping them out.
Everybody loves a sale.

Tonight I have to put other ones on the web site, that never made it there.
I love it when a plan comes together.

Someone, somewhere, is making music.
In Someone's time.

Have you been introduced to the

I believe I may be getting senile, because for the life of me, I can't remember blogging about this.
So, if I did already, please be nice, and act like you didn't notice my slip. OK?

Ah, the Furminator.  Recommended by my daughter, the kitty whisperer.

Expensive, yes.  Worth every penny.
Everyone likes it at Crazy as a Loom, everyone but Miss Puss.

Does that surprise you???

Everyone but her has been FURMINATED.

It is easy to use, they love it, and it removes all the hair that is unnecessary, which came to about a paper bag full.

Sydney actually looks quite svelte, and when we put her on the scale, she has lost TWO pounds.  Now some of that is FLUFF.  But she has also been doing a lot of chasing paper wads.
So you decide.

I am planning for fall, dear friends.
And it includes a whole lot of color.
September and October are my favorite months.


Hilary said...

That's a cool idea.. one of my cats might just disappear if I tried that on him. Love the colours you're planning to use.

And I love your musical shout out to "Someone"'s tomorrow letters.

Deb said...

I have heard of that but never used it. Heard good things, though. Can't wait to see the Fall colours you use. That is my favorite season, too. Hugs to those gorgeous cats. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Anonymous said...

Oh yes we have two furminators one for the cats and one for the dog. Could not live without them.


mudmaven said...

Love the furminator - cats absolutely HATE it though. Too bad cause it works and kitty matts are just plain yucky! ~chris

Cindie said...

We bought a furminator a few years ago for our golden retriever - it's incredible! Found it at my local pet store.

Restless Knitter said...

I didn't know they were making them with a button to push the hair off the comb now. Ours doesn't have that, wish it did. It's a couple of years old and does the job so I'll live. Our cat doesn't mind it if you don't do it more than 5 minutes, then she's had enough.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are.

Wanna hear?

Side Note... a stray cat wandered up a few weeks ago. I, being who I am, completely wimped out and gave her milk. She's a hanger on'er now. I tried naming her Dulcinea but she didn't seem to like that. My little girl named her Cali.

She responds to that name. Cats. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, ya know?


Susan Harvey said...

Our Airedale Calli gets pretty furry and I use our furminator in between proper cuts to help keep her coat in better looking shape. This time of year she doesn't have much of what I like to call 'underwear' but I run it over her once a week to keep her used to it and encourage better behavior when being handled at close quarters. We're into that goofy teenage phase right now....


Sharon said...

We got ours at Costco, of all places. The dogs actually enjoy it and I'm thrilled to see that part of the fur remain outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Sydney lost 2 pounds of non-fur shall we say! A girl has to keep in shape ya know. Never heard of a furminator - don't need to use one because my Sheepdog does not shed. Sheepies don't have fur they have sheep like wooly coats. No shedding is wonderful!

claudia w said...

I need a furminator!!! I just swept up a dog sized amount of fur from the hallway and living room yesterday! I should try to spin it and weave it. I could at least make them a bed of themselves. (wouldn't really want to wear something made of dog fur!)
I am going to pick up my new to me JL Hammett loom today. Got it on ebay. Wish me luck, please?

kelley said...

My cats love being brushed so much all I have to do is say "who wants to brush a kitty" and they come running...the Furminator is a dream for both long and short haired cats...still fur all over the floors though...

I love seeing your rugs come to life...

Unknown said...

I have a furminator for my collie. Holy, moly, do we get the hair. She isn't exactly thrilled when she sees it in my hand though. Of course, it I used it more often, there wouldn't be as much hair to get out.

WeaveThings said...

... still catching up :) I need to get one of those for my crazy cats. I'm sure they'd love it. And as always, love the colors you're working with.

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Because every thread counts