Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drudgery and Humidity

That was today........"not such fun jobs" that needed to get done, and increasing humidity that made it uncomfortable to do anything.

These placemats were off the loom a few days ago.  You are getting photos of them now, because I was literally too busy to take any today.
We had to rethread the Toika in a straight draw........four feet across.

And we had to bring in all the fabric that was hanging outside, and roll it into balls.
All 65 lbs of it.

Can I just say that neither of these jobs were small?

In fact, they took L and I ALL DAY.
And we didn't even finish rolling up all the fabric.
Go figure.

Tomorrow it's clean up day,  getting ready for the Summer Harvest Festival Open House.  On Saturday and Sunday, the studio, and four other artisans' shops in the area, will be hosting this event.
Maybe I'll get some rest.

DH just purchased Boston Red Sox tickets, for a game in September.


Delighted Hands said...

These are especially beautiful! Such beauty from strips of fabric-never get tired of the wonder of it!

LynneK said...

I love the colors of these creations. I am anxious to see what you weave from the fabric that you dyed yesterday.

Rubye Jack said...

Tomorrow sounds like fun. Get some rest. :-)

Sandra Tyler said...

always a special moment, that taking off from the loom.

Karen said...

These colors are great!... And I, too look forward to seeing what comes together from that dyed fabric.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing what you weave with the mustard yellow fabric, should be fun.

Frank's Corner said...

Is this another example of the fact that beauty has its costs?

Bev said...

I really love the fall colors of the brownish ones. I have to weave a bunch of placemats for some of the Fall Fairs we have in this area. Don't know if anything will sell, because people will sometimes buy food, but not "stuff." Well, it's a farm community, so there's not much money going around, but at least I get to demo handspinning, knitting and weaving just to "raise" their consciousness about this stuff!

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Because every thread counts