Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What? Winter?

February 29th, and it's snowing???  The weatherman says we are going to get about a foot of it.   I'll believe it when I see it.

But it was a good day to weave, and it was a joy not to have to go anywhere.

The first thing we have to do when we get there, is give Jinksie a drink.  From the faucet, cause that's what she likes.
Who's the boss here??
I think there are four of them.

Since there isn't any room inside, I put this 24 yard warping board on the porch.

Right next to the bird seed can, and cat food station.
What did I ever do without this porch, I wonder.

I worked on placemats on the Hammett, hoping to free it up for a custom warp.

Doable days are priceless, I might add.

In the other room, L was working on her first  "clasped weft".  Say that five times fast.

By the way, in case you think I run around with the camera in my hand all day long, news flash:  L helps herself.   This makes me think she's been hanging around me too long, taking shots UNDER the loom.

Clasped weft is time consuming,  as it takes a lot of patience to keep your selvedges from drawing in, and fiddling to keep your joins flat.
L is actually perfect at this, as she is good at paying attention to detail.

I like to try out different fabrics, to see what they will look like with whatever warp I'm using.
I love this one.

I came home and made some French onion soup, since I had my eye on some stale bakery bread in the bread box, and then whipped up some very easy  Chicken and Biscuits.

Now I'm beat, watching the evening news.
 It seems sometimes, watching tornados and school shootings and insane rioting come together in one short half hour, that the world has gone crazy.
Sometimes I think the studio is just heaven, in disguise.


Need A Latte Mom said...

I love the yummy colors of the placemats. I want to put colorful warp on my loom but I always chicken out. They are putting my basement back together tomorrow and really hoping to do some weaving this weekend...but we will see.

Teri said...

I don't watch the news. Sometimes I feel that maybe I am out of touch. But, I can catch glimpses of what is happening on the internet.

Country Girl said...

I watched the news, as well and thought the exact same thing. Then I cried at the report by Ann Curry. She went behind the lines in Sudan.

LynneK said...

I love the colors of the placemats.

I live in northeast Ohio about 30 miles from Chardon where the school shootings took place. As you would expect, this tragedy has taken over the newscasts all day long. It is very sad and scary and tragic ... there just aren't words to express what you can't wrap your brain around.

Hug the ones you love

Sue said...

I don't watch the news. I figure if it's something I really need to know about someone will call & tell me. Have enough grief in my life without bringing the news in.

As always, love the kitty and weaving pics!

Daryl said...

I used to watch the news (we call it the hour of death & destruction) and then I'd zone out of reality with 45 minutes of pre-recorded soap opera ... alas my soap is no more ... so now we watch pre-recorded Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ... its just not the same ... LOVE that shot of Jinksie

Mrs. Turkey said...

I also don't watch the news on TV...I used to but never seemed to be any "good" news! I have enough worries right now without watching the awful things that seem to happen to others all to often. I can pick up news on the internet should I desire.
Love your colorful choices for the placemats and love seeing pictures of the cats! Hope you always have better days ahead...that is my wish for you! Celia~Maine

sharon said...

beautiful blue skies for our first day of March! great colors you are working with.

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Because every thread counts