Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cats and wool.

Here is Next.  He has decided that the studio is his.  He stays in the barn loft at night, on his heated blanket, in his box insulated by about a ton of selvedge.  He is fed well on the porch every day, and drinks from his heated water bowl.  He also defends his territory.
Do you blame him?

He rolls over on his back whenever we go outside, and purrs immediately.   Yes, we have been adopted.

He really is a good boy.

You know that yesterday was a bad day, right?
Sometimes, I just can't get myself together to blog.
Today was better.

I am planning a warp for my mew 8 harness Macomber.
A wool blanket in waffle weave.

Working on getting the colors together.  I may add a couple more.  Any suggestions???

While finishing my fabric yardage on the 4 harness Macomber, I had company.

When Smokey was living upstairs, with my friend, for 5 months, my Kizzy was stressed out.
At first we didn't know what was up,  but we noticed that his belly was getting bare.

It seems that he was 'overgrooming', something that I never heard of.  But he eventually licked his whole belly, and down the inside of his back legs........totally BARE.

When Smokey left, I got him a pheromone collar, supposed to relax him, and help him to chill out.
Then we started putting some lotion on him, that would help him heal, and didn't taste so good.
And we opened this room up, so he could see that the house was HIS again.  All his.

Slowly, but surely, his hair is growing back........
Silly boy.
Handsone boy.

I love all four of my cats, but Kizzy is probably the sweetest and most lovable.  He was the first one at the studio,  he knows he is the prince.  
He and Next have it covered.

We're surrounded by tigers.


Country Girl said...

Your cats are beautiful. Surrounded by tigers . . . I like that.

Deb said...

Yes, I presume that one day this world will be ruled by the tabby cat. I have one and that's just fine with her. She lives in a box on top of my island under the warm lights from our pot hanger. Now, who would have thought of that other than a tabby.
Your photos are beautiful, as always but I especially love them tonight. Deb

Loomatic said...

I have a tabby girl with the same problem.. I have never heard of this type of collar and I wonder if it would help her. Can you post a link for this?

Loomatic said...

I have a tabby girl with the same problem.. I have never heard of this type of collar and I wonder if it would help her. Can you post a link for this?

Hilary said...

Beautiful creatures. How could we not love cats?

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

Never heard of the overgrooming issue! He is a beauty...

And you gotta rename Next if he's staying. Just sayin :-)

Hope today is a much better day.

LOVE the colors for that blanket. If you really want to go crazy, how about a robins egg blue, soft pale yellow and mint green added in - you'll have an Easter blanket!

re'New said...

I've got "Harry", a long hair black cat who overgrooms. His brother Toffee did, also. It used to be much worse when I was still married. Since then it doesn't seem to be a problem. Both these boys would groom themselves bald from the chest down. Odd looking fellows when they did it. I'm thinking there was a little stress in my house? :) Harry is a hairy fellow, once again!

Connie in Hartwood said...

A day with an update and a story about your cats is a good day around here. I love your photos and hearing about all the various personalities. (We had an over-groomer, too. Never thought to get a pheromone collar. She's gone now, but I will definitely remember this if we experience it again.)

I like all the various shades of pink and purple that you have laid out so far for your blanket.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I have been reading your blog for quite a while now and only recently became an official “friend”. I have been a weaver for over 30 years so I love to read about the joy you get from your wonderful house and your many looms. I especially love to read about the kitties! I have felt for you having to deal with your headaches and pray you find an end to them. I admire your courage and determination in dealing with them.
Warm Regards

riverweave said...

So that's what it's called, over grooming -- our calico cat has a furless belly too! I will have to investigate the lotion and the collar. Fun to read your weaving musings and see your photos.

Devon said...

Great colors... I would add powder blue and light cream. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Glad you had a better day.

kelley said...

Cats and Wool...two of the best things in life...

Mark said...

They certainly are beautiful cats. We have a Tortoise shell called Sophia(going on 16) and Johnny's Cat, TomCat, just He looks like your babies.
I'll have to send you a photo.

Franny V said...

Most of my cats have overgroomed on occasion. Mine seem to overgroom their arms (front legs). I have a tabby boy who is just getting over a spell of overgrooming. It didn't get bald, but the fur on his upper arm was always "spitty." Whatever was bothering him has passed and he's fine again. I never know what's eating him. He seems so calm and laid back, but every so often he gets stressed out.

Daryl said...

They are both such healthy cats .. our late great Sans licked her side bare .. stress .. some cats just take it out in grooming .. poor little Rose is stressed with all the medical stuff she's going through, instead of over grooming, she's developed an eye infection triggered by stress ... I am thinking the vet should put a plaque up 'this practice supported by Rose Edelstein'

LynneK said...

I had no idea that there were so many other "excessive grooming" cats out there. We have two that look just like Kizzy - both in coloring and bare bellies! I will be picking up a couple of collars to see if that helps. Love the pictures.


Lovely cat! my black cat is having the same problem, am wondering what sort of lotion/cream you are using on yours. I will defo get that collar.

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