Saturday, February 4, 2012

No whining.

Trust me, even though this post may make me look like a production diva isn't so.

Remember the loom I gave away last month to my good friend??  Well, she has her own sheep, and she had a room full of yarns that didn't turn out soft enough for knitting.
So I helped her put a warp on, and these are her wool rugs.  They measure 30" x 45" approximately, and they will be $95.00 each when I get them on my web site.
Some of the wools are natural colors, and some are dyed by her.

I am following each one with a close up, so you can see the colors.

I really like them, and she is getting addicted to weaving.   Who knew????

I am so happy that she loves it, and loves the loom.  I am glad I gifted it to her.

I am not sure which of these I like best, in fact, I like them all.  They are a contrast to the bright colors of the sock rugs, and the wool is beautiful.

Her farm is called Simple Pleasures.

This one does have a touch of purple......can you see it???

Today was not a good day.

If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it is the 'not knowing'.  One day is bearable, doable.........the very next day is right from the hinges of hell.

I took pictures of rugs, put some on my web site, and generally putzed around, but my head hurt so bad, that I finally gave up and came home.

I don't like to take pain meds, and I rarely do.  I have this aversion to any drug that might be habit forming.
But today I surrendered, took two Fioricets, had a cuppa tea, slept two hours on the couch, and woke up with the EDGE off.
Not gone, but a little relief means so much, it's hard to explain.
I was thinking today, to the best of my ability through the pounding, and decided that PAIN is the great leveler.
It's an equalizer.
Things that you would normally worry about, or think important.........not so much.
Concerns that would occupy your mind.........nope, not really.
Every thing fades.
I can't say that I really feel like myself at this point.  

I am hoping this that the doctor who specializes in headaches will say, "Yup, I know EXACTLY what the problem is."

Please God.

And just in case this post was a bit too black and white, I threw some Chunky rugs down, and snapped this shot.

And a Forest Floor rug, for good measure.

The sewing machine broke again this morning......still must have some thread stuck in the bobbin case, and I wasn't up to dealing with it.
So for any of you that wants a tote bag that you saw, email me at
tell me which one you want, tell me the strap color, and I will put it aside for you.
If you are signed up for my newsletter, you will get one soon with a FREE SHIPPING on these new totes.  If you don't, just mention it when you order, and I will apply it.  I won't put them on the web site until I can finish them all.

Sydney says:

You should get a box to curl up in.  You'll feel better.


Need A Latte Mom said...

curious about the wool that she used. Is it roving? I have a huge bag of alpaca roving that needs to be made into a rug but just have not done it.
I really wish your headaches would go away and I wish you had an answer.

Anonymous said...

Sydney may have a point there. Lie in box in fetal position and watch your cares and your headache disappear. :-)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I think the rugs are pretty and yes, I see the hint of purple.

I hope the new doctor can help you. It's just gone on way too long:-/

Sue said...

So hope that the new doc fixes things for you. Something to maybe think about (cuz it seems to be helping with the pain I've been living with for a year now), is get your vitamin D level tested. Turned out I am WAY low, and after just a couple of weeks on a mega dose I may be starting to see the light. Not fixed yet, but am definitely better. Just a thought.

Sharon said...

Oh man, I hope the answer to the source of these headaches shows up pronto. It's been a long time. I think I'm being killed with a migraine - I can't imagine months of same. You have my sympathies. Hmm, what Sue said.

Country Girl said...

I just said another prayer for you. I hope today is better than this.

Karen said...

Hilary, I sure hope you get some real relief from that damn headache soon, perhaps this new Dr. will hold the key. I'm still dealing with acid reflux issues, seems no matter what I try it doesn't help. I know going to a new naturopath next.

MarthaVA said...

Don't give up. Keep strong. I went 3 years in pain and being told I had a badly herniated disk in my neck and not to do anything - including shaking my head up and down to say yes to someone, as it may paralyze me. Let alone riding a horse. Was also told not to get in a car accident (like someone tries to do that???).
After being depressed those 3 years I went to another doc. He said there isn't anything wrong with your neck. Go see a shoulder specialist. Went to 2 of those and finally saw a Sports Medicine doc. He took one look at me and said I know what it is. Thank God. Huge bone spur in my shoulder - this guy has been around a long time and even he was amazed at the size of the bone spur....
Keep looking, keep trying - but don't believe everyone that comes along - don't do anything too drastic till your gut tells you, this IS the answer.
I think of you often and pray that you'll find that answer and be free of this pain that has it's grip on you.
(((HUGS))) (cuz everyone needs hugs).

Cait Throop said...

So when is the Dr. appt??? Hard to believe that this has gone on so long! And it is so hard to be your own best advocate when you are in pain but I agree with MarthaVA to keep trying because living like you have been for so many months is awful! Sending healing thoughts your way, Hilary!

bspinner said...

I'm hoping your new doctor can finally find out what your problem is and can do something about it. It tookk me a while to find out what the problem is in my feet just to find out there isn't a thing anyone can do about it. No good. My prayers are with you.

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