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Friday, March 2, 2012

A winter's day.

Anybody want a Ritz???

Amazing how easy it is to please a little one.
We could learn a lot from them.
Happy they are, with what they have, and they don't worry about the small stuff.
They also don't make their lives complicated.  They just don't care to.

It was another productive day at the's been a productive week when you compare it to the last few months.
I believe that my headache has been knocked down a notch or two.  It must have been the injection from hell that I got on Monday.
But it makes me hopeful.  I have had 4 good days.....not headache free, but that's not my standard of a good day anymore.
Funny how that happened.

Finished this warp, and had a lot of fun with it.  And I am stocked with place mats, and runners.

Company is always good, especially one with little purple pants.  O just puts a smile on our faces.

Right, Syd????

Sydney says:
     What?   I am smilin'.

I left a bit early to take Roy for a walk.   The exercise and the fresh air are curative, I do believe.
It just feels right.
Taking time for myself.  That feels right, too.

And this little guy is willing to go anywhere with me.  He's a true pal.


claudia said...

"O" is adorable. We should follow the small people's lead. We should also follow our furbabies leads too. It seems as though kids and critters have it all figured out!

Donna S. said...

"O" is a cutie!! Love that pink weave!!!

Karen said...

Now you know I just really want to know what "O" stands for.

Wow, you really did get snow, we're just getting rained on, no dog walking right now.

Roy looks wonderful, by the way.. great coat condition and body weight.

Daryl said...

what a smile maker of a post .. I grinned all the way through .. til I saw your snow .. wow .. real snow .. we had rain last nite, no I am not complaining not after last winter ... thankfully both Toonman and the weather are in good shape this year... I am off to your shop to buy Jack a cat-mat (I'm going to get a chair mat) so the cat wars over who gets to sleep on the little one will end ...

Hilary said...

Such beautiful faces in this post.. even if I can't see Roy's face.. I know it's a beauty too. Wishing you a few more good days followed by endless excellent days. Those should start out headache-free and stay that way.

Country Girl said...

She is absolutely adorable. What a little ray of purple sunshine. And speaking of sunshine, I just love that you have your Roy boy.
Gorgeous placemats, by the way.

Deb said...

That little O makes me smile. She is so sweet. She knows a good thing when she sees it, too. I'm so glad to hear you are getting some relief. Let's just hope it gets better each day. Pretty weave. Deb

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Because every thread counts