Saturday, March 10, 2012

The rest of the trip

It was a beautiful day for our road trip on Friday......even though it was kind of cold, the sun was marvelous.
The Adirondacks are so beautiful, if you've never been, you should put it on your lists of places to visit.

I am purposely not thinking of getting a steroid injection in my neck on Monday.
It's part of my 'stay in the day' motto.

I have to confess that I was struck with LOOM LUST today.
Yup, it happened to me again.
It only lasted an hour, until I got an answer to my email, the loom in question was gone before I even got a chance at it.
I feel like an addict that got dropped off at a meeting.
It definitely was not meant to be.

I want to be on this dock in July, lying in the sun, listening to the loons calling to each other.

We drove by this little house, and I love it.  It has so much potential, and it is out in the middle of nowhere.
You know where I mean, right?

There's a view at every turn in the Adirondacks.

Here's another charmer.

I love the siding, I wouldn't change one board of it.

I love old houses, in case you hadn't guessed.

Weathered wood.

And outhouses.

 When we got this far, we realized that the road ahead was glare ice, and that the sand truck had stopped right here.

So we turned around.  Someone had tapped the trees for maple syrup.

We stared for a bit, and said..........what?????
Then we realized what they were using for sap buckets.

I mean, I know that they could have cleaned them out, and got them squeaky clean, but do you really want they sitting in the sun with sap in them.............I mean, they are PLASTIC, after all.

On the way home, we decided to stop for lunch.
There were a few choices in the next little town, but we decided to go for the gusto.

The movie was closed.

We had a pretty decent lunch, but don't ask L about her 'chipotle brownie'.   I don't think it quite met her expectations!!!

Now you know you're in the North Country, when you ask for milk for your tea, and they bring you a gallon.
Ya gotta love it.

It was, all in all, a great day for a little diversion, L and I share a love for investigating back roads and strange places, so we both enjoyed ourselves.
A day off is a good thing.
You know.
Stop and smell the roses pine bough.
We did.  And I think we should do it more often.

Thanks for coming along!!


Deb said...

That was fun. I laughed at the jug of milk. What a hoot! Yah, plastic for sap is a And hopefully there won't be little clay bits in it. We are maple syrup efficienados and would not appreciate it. (we have been known to bring our own to restaurants.) Beautiful photos of the landscape. I may put that on our list of places to see. Have a good weekend, Hilary. Deb

karen said...

Thanks for letting me tag along! I enjoyed every second.

Karen said...

I feel like I've come along with you, great photos and narative, Hilary. LOVE that first little white house!!....

Anonymous said...

Not having sugar maples where I live, I didn't know that plastic buckets were a no no....but I just can't get the "Fresh Step" logo out of my mind....

LOVE the gallon o' milk jug. Nice to know they gave the whole milk too, and not crappy 2%.

My kinda place....

ain't for city gals said...

Is that a real estate mag on the table? is what I always do when I go to new places..look just to see.

Country Girl said...

I loved this. Thanks for the trip ~

And yes, that jug of milk is hilarious. But not the chipotle brownie. Ew.

Hilary said...

Oh what a great road trip. I'd love to do that with you some day. You stop at all the really great sights. I laughed about the milk. Here, you might get them in bags..

The Cat Guy said...

I just found you from Deb's blog. I think I'll be back too! Having grown up in New England, but now living far away, I really miss seeing the old houses, the ponds, the sugar maples and natural beauty of that area. And my mom is also a weaver. I love the sensualness of weaving, someday, when I have bigger space, I'll get our loom she is storing (and using) for us and start in myself.

Marsel said...

How lovely! I haven't been to the Adirondacks for quite a few years was nice to 'see' the area again through your pictures. Thank you!

Daryl said...

I love wandering like that .. I heard that due to the lack of frost/snow the syrup 'crop' this year will not be at its best

Loomatic said...

Not only are you a great spokesperson for the spaying & neutering of pets but you also promote your area with the enthusiasm of a Tourism Information Office.

You are a great asset to your state! I am glad you and L take the time to do this and share it with us in the blogosphere.

And the milk picture is are in the country there! Thanks for sharing!

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts