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Friday, March 16, 2012

Flowers and grass.

When I was little, my mother made all my clothes.  I had more dresses than anyone.
She is responsible for teaching me to knit, and to sew, and so I guess you could say she had a lot to do with pointing me in the direction I eventually headed.
I also have a cousin, on my father's side, who is incredibly talented.  Her sewing is so detailed, and so perfect, I am always impressed with her work.

She has been making these crazy, beautiful purses, and she finally decided to SELL one.
So I am about to put this one on my web site.

I totally love these colors, and it doesn't hurt that I adore pansies.

The purse is washable, as the piece in the bottom that makes it sit up so nicely, is removable.

  If you need more room, you can just loosen the ties at the side.

 The inside of the purse is lined, with compartments on both sides, for your cell phone and such.

I am falling in love with this purse.

The more color the better, if you ask me.

As I have gotten older, I have resisted the inclination to haul around a huge bag.   I mean, really, what exactly do I need to take with me on a daily basis.

Every now and then I still have to monitor myself, if I'm not careful, I load my purse up with all kinds of stuff; loom parts, notebooks, a week's mail.  I'm not kidding.

So what do you think?  Do you like it??

Kizzy is still at the vet's, apparently the plastic bag had nothing to do with him not feeling well.  It seems he couldn't urinate, a common problem with male kitties.
Hopefully he will come home tomorrow.

Sydney says:  
I told him to eat some of this organic wheat berry grass Mom planted for us.

YUM.    It's really good.

Sydney also says:
With Kizzy gone, this place is going to the dogs.

UH......EXCUSE ME.......can't you read ?????????  JINKSIE.

You're in my BOX.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh my gosh, that box!! It cracks me up how animals will claim something and it takes on a life of its own.

Deb said...

Oh yes, the male cat. It's quite common to hear them developing crystals which will take medication and a change of diet to resolve. Hope he's ok. Syd always makes me laugh. The purse is beautiful. I, too,love pansies. I was just thinking of getting the icicle ones for the front entrance.The colours are so pretty and she has thought of everything for the modern purse wearer. They will sell. Deb

SD Sue said...

how much is the pansy purse????? I LOVE IT! Hope she makes you more to sell.

Anonymous said...

I can pack more unnecessary stuff in a puse than a professional pack rat!!

Anonymous said...

I can pack more unnecessary stuff in a puse than a professional pack rat!!

Karen said...

LOL... on hey Sid.. maybe go easy on the snacks, there. :-)

The purse is beautifully done, love the colors too.

Lili said...

The purse is a wonderful breath of spring air! And such a well thought out design too... I like that! You make me want to grow some wheat berry grass too, that looks like so much fun to have it growing inside. Your kitties are just the coolest. ~Lili

roxie said...

Sydney has the sweetest face! And I love his power nap.

Hilary said...

I love the purse.. she does beautiful work and how can you go wrong with those wonderful colours? I still tend to carry a large purse so I can lug around extra camera lenses. There's a need for good, attractive, compartmentalized camera bags if she wants to diversify. ;)

Both of my guys have had their repeated woes with urinary crystals. It's important that they drink a lot of water to prevent future flare ups. How do you make a cat drink water? By serving their dry food like a soup. I simply pour water over their (prescription) dry food which still stays crunchy. They just have to lap up all the water first. They've been okay since I've started this routine about 4 years ago.

I'm sending you a photo of Skitty. I see a strong resemblance between Sydney in the "YUM" photo and him. Not just their features since they're both tabbies after all - but in their expressions.

Bonnie said...

Yes, I love that purse. She should really sell lots more. I don't think she will have trouble selling them.

mudmaven said...

Totally adore that purse! I too hope she decides to sell lots! Poor Kizzy, hope he is fine and dandy and stirring things up again soon. Syd has the right idea though! Thanks! ~chris

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love the look on Sydney's face!

The purse is pretty! It looks so springy with the pansy's.

Hope Kizzy is coming home soon!

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Because every thread counts