Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Learning curve.

Today it was time to get that warp off the warping board, before it takes root there.   And besides, I have been itching to try out the new Macomber 8 harness loom.
Because it is a wool warp that I am dealing with, I decided not to put it on the way I would normally, from the front, through the reed, and the heddles.
I chose Deborah Chandler's 'hybrid' method', which sounds like more work, but ended up not so much.
I chained the warp off the board, and using a 6 dent reed, I sleyed kind of randomly, 3 threads to a dent, or approximately, all across the reed.  I then took the harnesses right off the loom, tied the warp onto the back beam, and using sticks, and lots of pulling the warp tight at intervals, I 'beamed' that baby on.

I was amazed at how easy it was.....hmm.......can an old dog learn new tricks?????

I tied knots in front of the reed, so the warp wouldn't escape.
I then took the reed out of the beater bar, and positioned it over the back beam, and tied it securely with a couple pieces of fabric.

Then came the threading of the heddles.  NEWS BULLETIN: don't try to thread 480 fine threads of anything when your head is aching.  OK?
Mistakes made, stubborn streak KICKS IN, mistakes corrected.  Will finish this tomorrow.
After all, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day.

Time to go home.

I am still being plagued by an order from last order, I might add, that took up an inordinate amount of time and effort.
It's a sad story, big rug, runner, stair runner, can you spell TEDIUM, especially when it is all chartreuse.
Well so the story goes, dog peed on big rug, dog peed on runner, rugs sent out to be cleaned, cleaner has head up butt, now said cleaned rugs have NO COLOR at all. Do not match stair runner, which somehow was spared.
Apparently peeing on stairs is a challenge.
So now, having searched and not found more fabric, I am in limbo, waiting for designer to find some, and perhaps, they will be woven again.
Maybe not.
It surely makes me consider, and reconsider, the custom order side of Crazy as a Loom.  I feel sometimes like I have to redefine every so often, to get it right.  Right means that it flows, it is not work, it is passion.  When it is work, it is not right.
Get it?  Question is, do I?
But I think I am beginning to understand the importance of what really is.  Important.  Or not.

Who knew that it could take 60+ years to 'get it'???  And I'm not there yet.
I'm glad I didn't know this early on, I might have gotten discouraged.
See, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Sydney says:

Do you have to hold me by the throat to kiss me???  Be gentle, O.


Daryl said...

Toonman feels the same. When he edits personal videos he is bored and work doesnt flow .. but give him an actor's work to cut into something to show that he/she can walk, talk AND chew gum and he's in editor heaven working non stop til he is done.... so stick to making what makes you happy .. stress is not good

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Hey darlin', thanks for droppin' by my place with your sweet comment. Yep, one might say I have the 'gift' of the gab. My daddy used to call it "diarrhea of the mouth!" Heeehehehe!

I had to laugh at your profile, I will be sixty in September but I'm kinda like Peter Pan and will never grow up and with eight grandkiddos, I don't have to!

God bless and please visit often, the door of the Ponderosa is always open!!! :o)

Unknown said...


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Mark said...

So you're a slow learner. Remember, pretty people don't have to be smart. See, feel better now?

Unknown said...

You are so funny!
The day after we got ALL our carpets cleaned ( because we have a dog and two cats!!!) the dog peed on the dining room carpet. Murphy's Law I guess.
If you give people a choice, they will ask for the impossible, or something horribly ugly.
I'm guessing that little cutie pie is pretty Important!

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Too much hassle usually in custom orders and it takes all the fun and creativity away from making things. That is why I do not take any custom orders.

It makes no difference how long it takes to learn as long as we do.

So sorry the headaches are still with you. I admire your trying to work through them.

Deb said...

I love when O visits. She's becoming quite a fixture at the studio. I bet Syd loves her, too. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the picture of O with Sydney....think the feeling is mutual. Blessings Hilary Hope your headaches are soon a thing of the past. Mary

Sharon said...

I absolutely do not get the hybrid warping, but then I'm barely on board with warping period. Our wee ones aren't so wee anymore - how quickly they grow up. What a cute baby!

Anonymous said...

I hate custom orders. I do them, because I don't want to turn away biz, but it seems like pulling teeth sometimes to get it done.

Need A Latte Mom said...

Hate custom orders. I had one for a quilt and it was a nightmare...I never did one again.
I have never warped from the front and cannot figure out how it works..

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts