Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Speeding along

The pansy purse flew right on out of here, but here's the replacement.  
Same purse, washable, many pockets inside.

With my headache seeming to stay at the 2-3 mark, I decided to start stocking up on some
"container" rugs.  You remember.........I grab a container or two, filled with scrap fabric, and go.

No two are alike, how could they be??

It's like painting with fabric.
The problem comes when I look for one more fabric, and end up with a lot more.

The rugs I am making today are 27" wide, and I weave them 50" long, but once off the loom, they will be 43"-45" long.

I create quite the mess.  
I really can't help it.  Some people might have 'neat' creative muses.
I don't.

The weather is bizarre.  People on motorcycles, wearing shorts, sundresses, acting like it is summer.
It's MARCH.  In northeast New York.
This is SO wrong.

The weekend is supposed to be cooler, in the 60's, still warm for March, but at least not like summer.

Summer should only be on my loom right now, and we should be easing our way into it.

Where's spring???


Anonymous said...

This is wrong, the weather. Everything is happening a full month before it should be happening this year and it's a bit frightening. We are now having very foggy mornings and that has not happened here in the prior five years ad possibly longer. I'm enjoying this warmth, but there is need for concern I fear.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I am sorry but I had to laugh when I saw your mess. I am glad someone else in the world works the way I do. My studio can become the biggest mess imaginable when I get into a project.

The cats and my poor husband can barely find a path through sometimes.
Hope you are having a good day!

Country Girl said...

That's a mess? You are even neat with your messes.
And yes about the weather. Crazy jet stream.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Missed a few days and missed a lot :-o. Hope your kitty is doing better. The weather is very worrisome. What is the summer going to bring...along with the future? Love your spring rugs.

Franny V said...

Love the mess! I am a messy worker also. My studio is usually a sea of scraps and threads. To one of my cats it seems to be kitty heaven. He rolls in fabric scraps, stalks wadded papers, pretending to be a big bad tiger.

As for weather, we are just now getting our winter. The weather is chilly and we've been just now having the rain we didn't get earlier.

Friko said...

My creativity is all in writing, a lot less messy that way.

I love the bag, it's gorgeous. Truly.

Maaike said...

I love your "rag rug" carpets and have been inspired to try to make some of my own.

I'm blocked though about how to best cut the strips of fabric. Do you cut them into strips and somehow attach them one to the other? You seem to use one fabric at a time, do you twist them? How do you attach the various strips of fabric to each other. Do you cut on the bias or just across the grain of the fabric?

So many questions about how you make your fabric strips -- if you could write a blog post about your process, or point us in the right direction that would be hugely appreciated!

Maaike in Montreal (and yeah - crazy weather last week, back to normal cold now) boooo

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Because every thread counts